Smile for me

Their was a new girl in town who always had a smile. Till she found a bout who couldn't smile. She made it her mission to make him smile costing her something in return.....


2. Her name is Amy

Amy's pov-

Slowly I pushed open the door where I was greeted with a bunch of wondering wide eyes. "Class please settle down now!" The teacher yelled out before she spotted me and smiled welcoming me into the class room. I nodded and walked into the room feeling very scared and shy. I looked over at the teacher who nodded telling me It was okay to speak. "H-hi.." I said doing my best to speak English so they would understand me. The classes went silent now and kept watching me to see what I would do now. "Go on dear and tell the class your name and were your from." I nodded again and smiled a bit as I faced the class and spoke up. "Hi I am Amy Houser from France. It's nice to meet you all." I said and the teacher smiled and let me take my seat so I did.

The class was dead silent and starred at me as I took my seat next to a boy. "That's so cool!" A Girl on the other side of me said as she looked at me with wide eyes. Just by looking at her it was easy for me to see that she was very excited to be talking to me. "So your from France right?" I nodded understanding the part where she said France. "Yes!" I said with a smile and she seemed to be even more excited now.

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