Us, Just You and Me

8 friends.
Friends that thought that would last forever.
Until life happens and they are sent into different directions.
Can a love story bring the high school rejects back to family?


2. Snowglobe

When you shake a snow globe, the beautiful snow will start falling, just like tittle sparkles.

Michael and his girlfriend, Camille, fell in love in a cold weekend before holidays.

They soon discovered the magic of being in love and it was just them against the world, they were the leaders of their little pretty bubble, their own snow globe.

But, Michael and Camille were never a like, Michael was a crazier type of person, always changing his crazy hair color and making jokes, while on the other hand, Camille is a very creative person, she likes drawing and is usually very quiet and shy, even though, she is a little crazy too when she is her best friend, Heather.

What could happen when two different personalities crash into each other?



The snow globe breaks silently but within short seconds…











Summer 2015

The lilac colored hair one walks to the girl, and casually starts a chat after taking her hand softly and in a delicate way.

Then, the cute couple starts walking slowly with shy smiles.

“We should really go again, the owner told me that they have new items.” The brunette says to her boyfriend Michael.

“Totally. Let´s go.” He replies.

“What? Now? Seriously? Are you serious?”

“Yeah, I know you really like it there.” Michael says.

The young couple walks slowly, hand-in-hand, to the little thrift and vintage shop, where Camille loves going.

She discovered the shop when she was helping her mother run some errands, and she was immediately in love with the weird and classy items the The shop was really big and it was actually divided by two; on one side, there was this section with weird and crazy items, where Michael loved, but on the other side, there was this vintage type of store, where they had classy items, especially jewelry that Camille loved.

The couple were very silly, therefore, they were very much loved by the owner and workers because they always created a creative and happy environment around themselves without even noticing it, they were like this big and messy ball of colorful sparks flying everywhere, they were just too spontaneous in a good and cheerful way.

Michael and Camille loved shopping together because both of them knew exactly what their partner liked or was looking for.

As usual, when they entered the store, Michael and Camille greeted the owner and workers with warm hugs. Then, Michael started looking and searching through the old and vintage kind of CDs and Vinyl, even when he didn’t even have a Vinyl player, he just liked having them as collectibles.

On the other hand, Camille quickly runs to the other side of the store, where she starts to look at the old jewelry as if she could even afford it, when she doesn’t even have the opportunity to think about it.

Camille doesn’t look at the jewelry because she wants to buy some of them, she just enjoys seeing and thinking of a story behind every piece. We all know that anything can be so precious and special for us, so, why sell it? The memory? The moments? Bad luck? Money? Past? A past lover? A lost family member or friend? Those answers we look for will never come because people have tried to move on from something. It doesn’t matter what you are trying to move on from, maybe poverty, maybe a lost child, maybe a past partner or maybe because they felt the need to move on from the life they were having at the moment. And if we try to bring those memories back, we will only hurt someone or our own selves.

“Camille!” Michael shouts from the other side of the store trying to find his girlfriend.

“Here!” Camille says standing on her tip toes raising her hand as high as possible, since she is very little.

A bright smile appears on the guy´s face after seeing the effort of his girlfriend to be seen and he quickly walks towards her.

“Close your eyes.” He says in a playful tone.

“Okay.” Camille replies before closing her eyes.

“Look what I found.” Michael says softly after putting the little snow globe delicately on the girl´s hand.

Camille opens her eyes and she can see her whole life on her little but large hands.

“Look! It´s us.” Says the lilac hair.

“Yes, Michael. It is just us in a perfect way.” She answers breathless.

A wide smile appears on Michael´s face. Then, he takes the brunette´s hand and they walk towards the counter.

Michael pays for the magical snow globe and Camille plays with it carefully while they walk.

Suddenly, they both became silent.

“Michael, it is really us. Look, you are there with your crazy and messy green hair and I am right there next to you with a very very messy bun in my usual brunette hair. And you know what makes it more special? That when you shake it, it starts snowing just like that day. I guess it was really the start of something…” Camille says looking at Michael with soft eyes.

“No, it wasn’t the start of something. It was the start of moments, smiles and laughs. It was the start of us.”



December 2014 (Before holidays)

“Mom, all of my friends are going to be there.” Camille says to her mother.

“Who is going?” her mother asks her.

“You know the usual, Michael, Calum and Heather, Luke and Genevive, Ashton and Sandy.”

“Okay, then. But don’t stay out too late.”

Camille runs to her bedroom silently cheering.

The truth is that all of the eight of them are going together, they always hang out together.

The day at the mall passes quickly for the eight guys as always.

“Someone said that today was going to snow.” Heather says cheerful.

“Yey!” Camille replies.

“I am actually glad I brought my favorite sweater, it will just make everything else better!” Sandy says.

“Are we going to go outside, then?” Michael asks.

“Yeah, why not?” Calum says.

“Actually, today we will have to pass. Genevive is sick.” Luke says protecting his girlfriend.

“Um, Calum and Ashton are sick too. So, I guess we will all pass today. But, you guys should go and have fun. I mean, you have to get really lucky to see snow in here, right? Besides, we will have tons of fun taking care of our sick boyfriends. You know, cooking them soup, cuddling like always. I can´t wait!” Heather says and the three couples leave until Michael and Camille are alone and they decide to go to the park.

Michael takes Camille´s hand and they both walk together for the first time holding hands.

“Hold on, you have snow on your nose.” Michael says cleaning softly Camille´s nose, which was covered with little snowflakes before showing the red color of it.

Camille lets out a small giggle.

They both stay silent until Camille starts talking.

“Look! I just figured out something!”

“What is it?” Mikey asks.

“We are being covered with our own love because they say that love is white since it is always innocent. We are falling from the sky, Mikey!” Camille shouts excited.

Michael lets out a small and cute laugh and hugs her tightly to his warm body.

“I wonder how many times we will be falling from the sky. This is just the beginning!” He says.



Spring 2017

The leaves are falling from the trees, the trees are lonely and dry. That’s probably what happened to their relationship. Maybe they are leaving the relationship behind to find their true life patterns.

“What do you want, Michael?” Camille says clearly annoyed.

“Are you still mad at me?” Mikey asks cutely.

“You know, there are things that only come once in a lifetime.” She replies.

“I´m sorry I wasn’t there. I forgot about it.” He answers sounding tired.

“You always forget.”

“I already said that I am sorry.” He replies annoyed.

“Michael, it was just one day!”

“Then, what do you want me to do? Be chasing you my whole life?”

“At least you could try, I mean you never do.” Camille says.

“I have a life too, you know. And I always try but you never see it.”

“I never said you didn’t have a life.”

“You´re never there for me, anyways.” Michael says.

“You´re not there for me when I NEED it.”

“I am not one of those guys. I am not one of those guys you meet every time you hit the club when you are not with Heather, Sandy or Genevive.” Mikey says softly, almost hurt, but sharply.

“No, you didn’t say that.” She says mad.

“What do you want me to do, then?!” Michael shouts desperate and hits something with his right hand.

“…shit…” Michael curses under his breath.

They both stay silently looking at the shinning little broken pieces.

Camille falls on her knees, tears falling down her face and she carefully touches the little broken pieces of glass. The glass cuts her hands roughly but she doesn’t care.

“Michael, you… broke our… snow…globe…” Camille says in a broken and hurt voice, almost cutting.

“I-I am really really really sorry.” He says carefully.

“Guess what?! We will never fall from the sky again like you promised because you broke our dreams with your own bare hands!” she shouts without energy.

“And you know what? You can´t break what´s already broken.” Michael says harshly.

Michael´s comment makes Camille cry more.

“We can´t hold onto something broken. It´s time to let it all go, Camille.”

“But, Michael…”

“This is leading to nowhere. It´s time to move on. That´s the only option we have right now and forever.”

“But… I-I… don´t want to… I can´t…” Camille slowly with tears.

“It may hurt, but there are some things you have to let go in life, and it doesn’t matter if it was the realest of all loves. You have to end it and let it go. Camille, this is the ending of us… We never saw it coming because it was already broken since the beginning…”

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