Us, Just You and Me

8 friends.
Friends that thought that would last forever.
Until life happens and they are sent into different directions.
Can a love story bring the high school rejects back to family?


7. For The First Time

Inspired by: For The First Time, The Script Listen Here


Spring 2017


There´s a young couple.

Heather, an acclaimed writer, and Calum, an internationally known musician and soccer player, are having beer at Heather´s apartment.

They look like they are in love.

Calum looks at Heather as if she was the only person left on Earth.

And Heather looks at Calum as if he was what dreams are made of.

They laugh and smile together.

They are both with teary eyes because they laughed too much tonight.

They constantly look at each others eyes, maybe because they belong there or maybe because there´s always a certain connection that holds them together, like an invisible thread.

They look cute together, almost perfect.

They look like one of those couples that were created by some type of god, not only because they look good together, but because their personalities are just so different that they somehow blend in together, creating a beautiful whole soul, maybe that´s what all soulmates are about.


Heather´s Point of View


I am feeling a little bit tipsy, probably because I am already in my second beer.

Calum is across me and has a beautiful smile that matches with his shinny eyes. I can tell that he is happy.

But suddenly, I start to wonder if I am happy at all.

I am starting to believe that I am not behaving like myself.

The only thing that seems to be in my mind is him, as if he was all I needed.

I wonder if that´s what love´s all about.

So, I start drinking and becoming less aware of my senses.






Calum´s Point of View


“I think we should take a break.” Heather says.

Suddenly, my whole world starts crumbling.

“What?” I ask.

Maybe it´s the alcohol, I try to reassure myself, Heather is always drunk by her second beer, that’s why I never let her go alone to one of those bars or clubs where men seem to be thirsty for some action at night.

But she is already in her third bottle.

Also, aren´t drunk people always the ones that tell the truth?

“I just can´t go through this anymore. I feel like I am not myself anymore.” She adds.

I panic.

“Heather, just tell me what I did wrong this time. I promise you that I will try to change or make it up to you but I can´t say anything if I don´t know where this is going through.” I say holding her hand, which is laying on the table.

“No.” Heather says while quickly putting her hand under the table and away from me.

I look at her confused, not only because it is something unlike her, but because I am hurt.

 “You did nothing. It´s just me, I feel lost.” She says quickly ashamed of herself.

I stay silent.

“I have no idea of what I´m doing with my life right now. I am in that moment where I have no idea of what is happening around me and I am just afraid to loose you forever.” Heather mutters.

“Just give me a little time to figure this out. Like a month.”

“A month?” I ask with a low voice, since I can´t seem to find the energy to rise a little more.

“I have to clear off my mind and I believe that I need that time. Besides, it´s just going to be over the trip. But, Calum, if after the month we still need more of each other, then we´ll start again and if nothing happens then, I guess we will just keep our memories for the rest of our lives and we will tell our sons, daughters and grandkids the fantastic moments we shared. But, please, don´t hurt yourself because of me, you don´t deserve it.”

“Okay, then. I guess I will see you in a month.” I say while standing up.

Heather takes me by the arm before I walk out the door.

“Calum, wait.” She pleads.

Her voice is shaking and weak.

I turn.


“You should stay here tonight, you already had two beers.”

“It´s okay. I´m fine. Thank you, though.”

“Calum, please, stay here tonight. I know that I said that my world is spinning and everything, but I still care about you because I love you.” Heather says in a low voice and I can tell that she is going to cry.

“Okay, I will stay in the other room.” I say.

She smiles weakly and I can see that she is relived. Heather has always been overprotective with the people she loves, just like me.

“Goodnight.” she says turning and walking towards the main bedroom.

“Heather.” I call out.

“Yes?” she turns.

“Thank you for caring about me.”

She smiles in return.

I decide to take a shower before going to bed just so I can clear off my mind a little bit.

When I come out, I can hear that Heather is crying in her bedroom and somehow I feel like I have hurt her, even when she just shattered my heart with her own hands.



Heather´s Point of View


When I enter my bedroom, I immediately go to the bathroom and take a look at myself, even when my world is kind of blurry due to the alcohol.

I see a person that looks lost, with a skinnier face than months before, but also, somehow a little more mature, but I can´t recognize myself anymore.

Then, I think about the pain that Calum is probably feeling, a pain that I created for him.

That´s when I decide to leave the bathroom and shelter in my bed, but even before I can get there, I crumble down to the floor and start crying. I know that I was the one that hurt myself, but what else can I do before having a fresh start?

I go to sleep after thinking that Calum is probably hearing me cry.


Next Day


Heather´s Point of View


I wake up in the morning feeling a little hungover, but nothing that I can´t handle.

I start making brunch for two after remembering that Calum is still staying here.

He is taking a shower, I am pretty sure that he´s hungry, I mean he´s always hungry.

So, when he comes out of the shower, I say,

“Good morning, I made brunch. Maybe you can have some before leaving?”

“Sure. That sounds really nice.”

After that, we just finish having brunch in silence.

It´s the first time we are actually silent and it feels sad, but also awkward, but the type of awkward you feel when things are not going the right way.

When we finish, Calum says that he´s leaving.

“I´m leaving. Thank you for the brunch. It was really nice.”

“You´re welcome. Have a nice day.”  I reply.

“Thanks, you too. Also, have a nice trip in Germany.”

“Thank you.” I say smiling before he leaves.

I see how the guy I love leaves and I try to not cry because I created all this.

I finish washing the dishes and cleaning the apartment, when Camille comes telling me that Michael broke up with her.

So, as a best friend, I decide to not tell her about Calum and just help her out.

My pain is going to be forgotten, I think.


Calum´s Point of View


I immediately sigh after I leave Heather´s apartment.

I stay in the door for a bit, trying to figure out what am I going to do now.

But, suddenly, I get a call from Michael and he´s crying.


“Calum, can you come over?”

“Uh, sure. Are you okay, buddy?” I ask.

“Not really. Just come over.” He replies.

“Okay, I´ll be there in a couple of minutes.” I say.

I hang up the phone and enter my car to start driving to Michael´s place.

When I get there, Michael tells me that he broke up with Camille, so I decide to help him instead of telling him about my own heartbreak because maybe if no one knows about it, my heart will hurt a little bit less.


1 Week Later


Heather´s Point of View


I wake up in a tired mood but I should hurry up if I want to make it to the airport on time. Packing at the last moment has been something that I have been hatting since I was little but I fell asleep in the living room couch and I have been distracted by every single thing, I just can´t concentrate on anything!

I pack a few of my favorite outfits, but I am sure they will stop being my favorite ones when there is no special someone to see me on those outfits. Calum used to love all these outfits. Some of the outfits I chose are just too formal, but I am pretty sure that I will just do fine.

I put inside my formal leather bag a notebook, a bunch of pens, a liquid paper, my phone, my professional camera, my headphones and my lipstick.

I take my usual twenty-minute shower and then finish doing my hair and make-up.

Then, I take my keys and leave my simple apartment driving my car to the airport.

I manage to get to the airport right on time and I try to not remember all those times that I came here with Calum, specially that time when we went to Australia to meet his family.

I buy a coffee at Starbucks trying to stay awake, I can´t meet my sister being tired, she will start worrying about me.

When I aboard the plane, I take a sit on my first-class seat, which my sister bought for me, and I put on my headphones and start listening to my music at its maximum volume, trying to get lost in the melodies.

The girl that is seated next to me on the left side starts a friendly conversation with me.

“Are you okay?” She asks in a gentle voice.

“Yes, thank you.” I say giving a little nod.

“It´s a guy, right? I mean, it always is.”

“It actually is. His name is Calum and he is just this amazing and cute guy.”

“Calum? Are you Heather by any chance?” She asks in a surprised tone.

“Yes, and you are?” I ask a little scared.

“I´m Nicole. I actually am Kate´s best friend.”

“Nice to meet you.” I say trying to give her my best smile.

“You too. And by the way, I know everything about this guy Calum. Kate is always jealous that you got such a nice guy for yourself.” She says with a wink.

“Well, Kate is getting married, she shouldn´t be jealous.”

Nicole and I keep chatting until she decides to take a quick nap and I come back to my own world, listening music and writing a couple of things in my notebook.

I look around me, but everyone on the plane is sleeping except me, I am here just thinking while my face is covered in tears. I can feel my heart breaking little by little, I feel how my breath is trapped inside of me and I am trying hard to let it all go but it seems impossible for me.

After a few more hours, we arrive in Germany. Nicole and I hurry to get out of the plane, so my sister Kate doesn’t get frustrated of waiting for so long.

I keep checking my phone thinking that he will call me already and end all of this but my phone is only showing my picture with him and the notifications box is empty.

I take my red suitcase and hurry to get out so I can give my sister, Kate, a big hug.

“Hi, little sis! How have you been?” She asks.

“Fine, thanks”  
“Are you alright? Tired, hungry or something? You look exhausted!” She says.

“Yes, I am dying here because I am loosing Calum, the guy that I have been loving for years now and the guy that I love so much that I could take a bullet for. “I think but I say nothing.

“It´s nothing. Don´t worry about it.” I answer in a little voice.

“I guess you have already met my friend Nicole. Isn´t she a total sweetie?”

“You tell me.” I say in a bad mood.

“Should we get going?” She asks in her usual happy voice while she leads us to her car with a bright smile.

I get on her car and I put on my headphones and I return to my world.


After a quick drive, we get to our fancy hotel and my sister gives me the keys to my room while she is leading me to my new room.

Kate and I have a serious talk when we get to the room.

“Calum´s coming to the wedding, right?” She asks in a serious tone.

“I don´t want to talk about it.” I start saying.

“What happened?” She demands.

“We decided, well, I decided to stop our relationship.”

My sister looks at me.

 “I feel lost. I mean, I really like Calum, he is such a nice guy, but I feel like he deserves more than just me. I can totally see him next to this amazing and beautiful girl, and he is just staying with me, the little girl that nobody cares about. I also feel like I am depending so much on him. I need to start discovering myself and creating the type of person that I want to be. And I also feel like he will find someone better, I just wanted to make him realize that there are other girls in the world and that we can go to them if he wants to. I think that he is making a mistake being with me.”

“Heather, once you throw away your relationship, there´s no going back. Just remember that.” My sister says before leaving the room.


Calum´s Point of View


Waking up next to someone that I don´t even remember makes me realize several things.

I start to believe that I can finally erase some pain, although when she finally turns around and a I see that plain face that isn’t hers, that little covering that I created for myself, but it still helps me to realize that at least some of the deadly pain that I feel can be numbed with alcohol and girls, girls that aren’t her and that are just looking to hook up.

That sounds depressing.

For the first time, I feel miserable.

I decide to put on my clothes and take a shower without caring about the girl, I suppose that she will leave by herself.

When I come out of the shower, the girl is staring at me from the bed.

“Morning!” she says in a husky voice, as if she has already smoked three packets today.

“Good morning, you should leave.”

“But I just woke up.” She adds.

“I know that, but I am leaving and I really don’t want strange people in my house.”

The girl leaves and then, after I clean up my room a little bit and grab a coffee, I leave my loft.

We all decided to meet today at Luke´s place in order to hold a proper band meeting.

“Hey, guys.” I say when I enter.

“Hey, Calum.” They answer in unison.

“I am so sorry, but I am not touring this time.” I blurt.

Everyone stays silent.

“I just feel like I´m not ready to start traveling the world again when I just lost Heather.”

“It´s fine, Calum. We understand.” Ashton says.

“Yeah. Besides, bassist isn’t even your job.” Luke adds.

“Thank you for understanding.” I reply before leaving the place.

Then, I decide to just go home and drink beer since I know that the bars are all close at this hour.

I fall sleep on the couch after having a beer since I barely slept last night.

But I wake up at eight p.m. and I decide to go a bar and a couple of drinks because there´s nothing else I can do to forget about my pain.

Once I get there, I probably have a couple of drinks and smoke a package of cigarettes before leaving the place with a pretty blonde girl.

What else could make me be less miserable?


Heather´s Point of View


I wake up the next morning to find out that I have fallen asleep with the T.V. still one and with a glass of wine on bed, which of course stained the whole bed, but who cares? I am staying at a hotel and my sister will be able to take care of it.

My head is killing me and my throat hurts because of all the cigarettes that I´m not used to.

Today we are going to have brunch with the happy couple before going to the venue. Then, we will meet in a expensive coffee shop to discus the plans. Later, we will be having an elegant dinner.

So, the first thing I do is take out a cold bottle of water from the fridge and drink almost half of it, then, I get in the shower. When I finish that, I start doing my hair and my make up.

Then, I change into a pretty pink coat, boyfriend jeans with a white long sleeved sweater and pink pointed pumps.

When I am finished, I take my expensive hand-bag and leave the room.

I use the elevator and soon meet my sister, her fiancée Sebastian, Nicole, two other bridesmaids and four groomsmen, I can already tell that it´s going to be a long day.

We all go to brunch and I am matched up with a very interesting guy.

His name is David Woods.

He´s very good looking, with beautiful gray eyes and light brown hair. Also, he is tanned since he´s from California

He is very funny and kind.

“So, Heather, are you single?” he asks.

“Yeah, kind of, but I wouldn’t date right now.” I reply awkwardly.

“Oh. So you already have someone in mind?”

“Ah, yeah. We have been dating for almost eight years. Through high school and college.”

“That´s a very long relationship.”

“I guess.”

“Who is he? Do I know him? Kate, your sister, said that people knew him.”

“Maybe you do. His name is Calum Hood, he´s a soccer player and he´s in a band.” I answer.

“I think I have.” David says.


We arrive to the expensive restaurant and I take a seat while contemplating the nice view of the garden.

“So, Heather, how was the ride with David? Isn´t he great?” My sister asks.

“Yeah, he´s very nice.” I reply.

“Thank you, you are very nice too.” David says.

I smile in return.

“But I would really like to have a girlfriend like you.” He adds.

Everyone remains silent.

“How are things with you and Calum?” Sebastian asks.

“Great. I already miss him.” I say.

“Aw. By the way, are you going to spend winter break in Australia?” Kate asks.

“No, I think that I will spend it with Camille. She and Michael just broke up, so I have to take care of her as a best friend.”

The conversation is just so awkward that I just decide to ignore Kate and Sebastian and start taking phone calls while having some milk tea.

It´s going to be a really long trip, specially with David practically stalking me all the time.


Calum´s Point of View


“I have already seen you here for like a week.” The blonde girl says.

“Yeah, I have been.” I reply.

“I´m Amy Evans, I´m a model.”

“Cool. I´m Calum Hood.”

“I know who you are! You are so hot!” she says giggling.

I look at her awkwardly.

“Are you single?” she asks me.

“Yeah, kind of. I guess.”

“You´re so cute! I am single too. Maybe we could go to my place?”


The flashback hits me the next morning when she´s sleeping next to me.

I get up from bed, but she takes my hand.

“Calum, where are you going?”

“Home. I have things to do.” I reply.

“Oh. Don´t go, just stay here.” Amy says.

“I really need to go. Sorry.”

I immediately leave the house and meet Michael in the street since he´s going to drive me home.

“Oh my god, Calum. You smell like alcohol!” My friend exclaims.

“I know. Just woke up.”

“You have to stop living like this. You are hurting yourself.”

“Then, how do I need to live life?” I ask.

“You only have to wait three weeks. I am sure that Heather is having a hard time too. So, you have to take care of yourself. Look, if she comes back and sees you like this, she´s going to be devastated to see you hurt, just take care of yourself as if she was near you. Oh, and do some training before you loose all that muscle in a month. Okay?”

I nod.

“Take care, Calum, and remember that is okay is you loose her, you are still going to be able to live your life with music and stuff. See you in a week.”

“See ya. Thank you.” I say before getting off of his car.



Three Weeks Later


Heather´s Point of View


The days went by slowly and my sister´s wedding was being planned perfectly. I tried so hard to not think about Calum, but it is something impossible for me, it was pretty much the same as if you were telling to stop breathing.

A few days before leaving Germany, we were going to have an elegant dinner in the hotel with my parents, so I decided to wear a cute blue dress with a coat, but as soon as I enter, my parents start filling me in with questions about Calum.

“So, who is this guy Calum that you have been dating for years?” My dad asks.

“He is a soccer player although he was going to be in a punk-rock band, he just decided to stick to what he was doing. But he sometimes joins his band to tour.”

“Are you guys in a serious relationship? Any ideas about marriage?” My mom asks.

The thing here is that my parents don´t know about our little break.

“Yes, actually we talk a lot about our future together when we are hanging out. We have even decided on the details of our wedding since years ago, when we were younger.”

“That´s just fantastic, sweetheart. I finally think he is the one for you. I still remember that past boyfriend of yours, the one that you broke up thinking that you would get back together in a month or so. I am excited to meet him at Kate´s wedding and hopefully we will your wedding next year.” My mom says with a bright smile.

“I hope so too, mom.” I say in a whisper.

Kate takes me by the arm and makes me enter my hotel room.

 “Kate, stop it.” I say.

“You didn´t tell mom and dad?” She asks me angry.

“Of course I didn´t. I know better than anyone else that I would tear up in front of them and probably they would hate Calum before even understanding that it was my fault. I am older now, I know how to manage my own issues and I seriously don´t want them to get inside my personal issues.”

“Seriously, anyone would know something is wrong with you and him when they look at you. You are a total mess! Your hair looks awful, you are so skinny and you look tired as you have cried all your life! Start caring for yourself before caring for him. He is not good for you, he is hurting you so much and you are just blaming yourself.” She says.

“It actually is my fault. I was the one that stopped the relationship even when I knew that I would just hurt myself. I wanted to feel that pain. I wanted to know if I really loved him. And I am going to tell them after our month break because I don´t even know if we are getting back together or not.” I say.

“Well, it doesn´t matter anyways because I am telling mom and dad if you don´t tell them.”

“What? You wouldn´t do that.”

“Of course I will!” She says in a sharp voice.

“You will not because you care about me and you don´t want to hurt me. Kate, please. I had enough these days.” I say crumbling down to the floor.

My sister just looks at me and she walks out of the room while I am still on the floor crying because I have been holding up so much throughout the days while meeting people and helping my sister.

In a couple of minutes, my sister enters the room with my parents.

“Heather, what´s wrong?” my mother asks as soon as she enters home.

I don’t answer for a while because I just can´t stop crying.

“Calum and I are taking a break.” I mutter.

“What? Why?”

“Because I feel lost, I don’t know what I´m doing with myself right now. Please, just let me do this alone. I don’t want help this time.” I say.

Nobody says anything.

“Can you leave? Please? I have been holding up for weeks now.”

My parents stay and I just close my eyes of frustration.

“Heather, you should have told us.” My father says.

“No, because I know that you are really excited about me and Calum. I didn’t want another person looking at me in a miserable way. I had enough of that! I am not a teenager now and I asked you nicely to leave me alone.”

My family looks at each other confused, but they soon leave afterwards.

So, I just start crying because I have been trying to not do so for more than twenty days and I have had enough of this.

For the first time, I realize that there has always been a part of me where I could be easily broken, I guess that´s what we could call my weakness, meaning that for the first time, I realize that I can´t live without him.




One Week Later/End of the break


Calum´s Point of View


I took Michael´s advice and just stayed home during the nights for almost three weeks.

It has given me time to realize that somehow my life was always better next to her because she understood me and she made me a better person.

I realize that somehow she was that one things that entered in my life and paused everything for a moment, because she is that perfect and that special.

I love the other people in my life like my family or friends, but she is going to be forever that one person that was able to make me realize that life was far more than just waking up everyday and having fun, she made me realize that there were certain things in life that were going to make us remember them till out last breaths because they created a different person out of us.



Heather´s Point of View


After a few days I get on a plane and go home.

On the plane I think a lot, some part of me is wishing to see him when I get there but some other part is telling me that I should stop dreaming about Calum and me starting over our relationship because Calum is probably over it and has found an amazing person. A whole month has passed but my feelings for Calum has grown bigger. I have seen and remembered beautiful and special moments of our relationship that made me want to be next to him and feel loved by him again.

When I arrive to the airport of my hometown, I try to not tear up when I see him in the massive crowd with his arms crossed across his chest. I try to not run towards him but I do walk fast and unconsciously because I have to say the word sorry a few times.

When I am finally in front of him, I just can´t believe that he is finally here with me.

“You came.” I say in a little girly voice.

“Of course I did. I have been counting the days till I could do this.” He says before pressing his lips against mine.

God, I have needed that desperately.

“I missed that so much.” I say when we have separated and we are hugging with my face on his chest.

“I am happy to make this work again and you being so happy to see me again.” Calum says in a loud and happy voice and I can´t help it and burst out in laugh. I don´t even remember when was the last time I laughed.

For the first time, I realize that what made me was him, he was the one that created the type of person I am, and there is nowhere else where I can find myself than here.


Calum´s Point of View


We walk towards the car holding hands and smiling, and I am taking Heather´s big suitcase.

“Hey, your suitcase is like really heavy. What do you even have here?” I ask.

“Clothes and other stuff. Besides, I think someone has been working out lately.”

“How did you even…?”

“When I hugged you.” She replies.

I immediately stop walking and look at her and she just starts laughing, not even giggling, like really laughing. Laughing as is she was doing it for the first time, as if she had finally felt freedom. That sounded like music to my ears.

“Okay, don’t get this the wrong way, but I have been waiting to hug you for a long time!” Heather exclaims.

I hug her with the other arm that I have left and kiss her in the forehead, making her giggle.



~A Year and Six Months Later~


Fall 2018


Calum looks amazing in the fancy tux that we bought a couple of weeks ago.

“You should wear more pink colored clothing.” He says with a smile.

“Do you think?” I ask.

“Yes, well, I think you look perfect in anything but I should buy you pink colored clothing.”

“Thank you and I think you look amazing in that tux. I told you that you were going to look better than anyone else.” 
“Thank you, are you sure you are going to be fine? I think the weather is cold and that dress is too short for you.” He says.

“This is the dress that my sister chose for me. Don´t be such a jealous fiancé.” I say with a little smile.

“I am not jealous; I just want to protect what´s mine.” He says while hugging me from behind, putting his strong arms around my waist and his face on the right side of my neck.

“Besides, I hate your sister after what happened.” Calum says.

“I know, baby. But she´s still my sister.”

“Ugh, you´re right.”

We both leave the hotel and go to the place where the wedding is going to be held.

In the entrance we see David.

“Hey, Heather!” he says hugging me and giving me a kiss in the cheek, which is pretty normal for him.

“Hey, you´re David, right?” Calum says.

David nods.

“I´m Calum. Heather´s fiancée.” He says proudly.

“Oh, you guys got back together! Congratulations!”

“Thank you.” I reply.

“Anyways, see you later?” David asks.

“Maybe.” Calum answers.

When David leaves, I start laughing.

“Heather, I seriously hate that guy!”

“I know, Calum. I could see that.” I say.

“Remember I only protect what´s mine.” He adds putting an arm around my waist.

We enter the place laughing.

The wedding turns out perfectly, just the way we planned and Kate is happier than ever.

My parents, Calum and I are sited on the same table and of course, they ask a lot of questions to him.

“So, where did you two met?” My dad asks.

“We met in high school in a concert. We was trying to tell her friend that she had a date when she didn’t. But, I would like to say that one of our first encounters were in the little coffee shop of the neighborhood, Heather was wearing this extra tall high heels and she fell on me spilling me all her drink, but I was lucky enough to catch her.” Calum answers in a fun tone.

“I would have died if it wasn´t because of him. He came just in time.” I say.

“How magical!” My mom exclaims.

“Actually, mom, dad, Calum and I are going to get married this spring!”

“Oh, honey that sounds so nice!” Kate says in a cruel voice.

“You are?” my dad asks.

“Yes, sir.” Calum says and I show them the ring.

“Heather, we think that you shouldn´t marry him.” My mother says.

“But, mom.” I say while Calum says, “Excuse me?”

 “You are not going to marry this guy that broke your heart months ago.” My dad says.

“Dad, Calum never did anything.”
“You are not going to marry this guy.” My dad says in a sharp tone.

“I am going to marry whoever I want because it´s my life. I don´t care if you don´t like Calum because of something stupid that I did. He even appreciates me more than both of you do. And if you don´t want to see him again, then you will not see me again.” I say in a loud tone and I get up from my seat and I leave to the wedding and go near the lake and seat there while I am still breathing heavily.

I hug my knees trying to be warmer.

Suddenly, I feel something upon my shoulders.

“I told you it was cold outside.” Calum says while accommodating his jacket on my cold shoulders and sitting next to me. 
“Thank you.” I say while a couple of tears start falling. “I am sorry. I just didn´t tell anything to my parents because it was just so hard for me to tell someone about it. It was hurting me so much and I had hoped that we would still be together and…”

“Shhh…” He says and wipes my tears with his thumbs in a soft and sweet and delicate way. “It´s okay, there´s nothing to worry about. I am right here next to you.”

Then, Calum hugs me and he is resting his chin on the top of my head while he is trying to calm me touching my arm.

“I am scared, Calum.” I start saying while I stop crying. “What if all of this turns out to be a waste of time? What if our relationship just breaks again because of the one month break that we took? What if we just suffer more?”

“Well, I don´t think that taking another break is going to do any good because I almost killed myself counting the days left to see you again and from what I hear you almost did the same. Maybe the suffering will come for both of us but it won´t matter because I will be there with you at every single second.” Calum says making direct eye contact with me. “I can´t lose you again.”


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