The One

This girl gose foster home to foster nobody wants her because of her anger.That was until a lady named Sara adopted her. Then her whole world gets flipped ass backwards.


4. School

                    I wake up to katilyn going through my clothes. I said  "hey kk what are u doing ?" and then she says"oh i didn't mean to wake you up." I was just picking out your clothes for school today since it's our birthday I wanted you to wear something cute." I look at her strangely wondering why she was rumaging through my clothes , espicially since we only met yesterday. She seen me looking at her stragely so she said" i'm sorry for being so overbearing i'm just  not  used to a younger sister." I say " it's cool , im just not used to people trying to get to know me ,yhu know being in a foster home and all." (jumping excitedly up and down )she says "I've found the perfect outfit."  


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