The One

This girl gose foster home to foster nobody wants her because of her anger.That was until a lady named Sara adopted her. Then her whole world gets flipped ass backwards.


2. 1. The day my new family came

   I was sleeping in my "room"(Its the size of a broom closet) I got woken up by banging on my door and someone screaming "Jazmine wake the hell up there are people here who want to adopt you i'll give you 30min to get ready and if your not i'll tell them to leave"  "Ok i'm getting ready right now" 

    I jump up out the bed and hoped in the shower. When i got out i put on my black lace bra with my matching underwear. Then I wiggled into my  black skinny jeans then put on my sleeveless Alice and wonderland shirt from the side you can see my bra but I don't care. I find dome socks then put on my black and White high tops. Then I part my hair and put mousse in it but not alot my hair is naturally curlly. I put on my masscar and eyeliner both black. And bam im done.

   I run down stairs and then I see a nice looking couple. I walk up to them and say "hi im Jazmine Spitfire" the lady says "hi Jazmine im Sara Rockwell" i know that last name from some were ill brush it off for now. Then the man says "I'm Logan Rockwell" "nice to meat you" " the pleasure is all ours." Then thay go in a room with my case worker.

                ~30min later~

    Sara comes out and sshe tell me to pack my stuff. After some time of me packing im finally done i run down stairs my cace woker tells .e to sing some papers and i do then i see Sara and Logan. They help me pack my stuff in the car then Sara says "Jazmine how old are you and when is your birthday" " im 14 and its june 25 why?" " you know your birthday is tomorrow right?" " i completely forgot thanks for reminding me." 

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