Tears of Winter

Oh, winter is near. A month of both happiness and slight sorrow.
Tears of Winter is a collection of my song texts trying to capture exactly this: the bridge between poetic love and passionate sorrow. It is a beautiful sight when the leaves turn brown and yellow, but yet a depressing thought to know that they wither and die. An intricate feeling we all gotta feel in our lives now and then. Sit back and enjoy


4. Nights of Apathy

Nights of Apathy

It is another day wrapped up in apathy
I'm forgetting what the meaning of life is supposed to be
The sun is up and yet the rain seems to drop
like paratroopers from a German military corps

I've stopped counting days, what's the use anyway?
The cycle life is on repeat like a pop song on constant replay
The country is quiet yet the city is in riot
burning up every shop with the fire of desire

This is why when I walk in the middle of the night
alone with myself when the world is dawning
I wish that I could sit my ass down in bar, that's right
at 4 o'clock in the murky and misty morning

I bought a bouquet of blue to lighten up
this grey state of mine that keeps me tied up in a knot
You see me smile and yet you see me cry
like an elephant that saw it's poor mother die

I've quit telling time now that I'm in my prime
binging on beer and turning every dime
The feeling of satisfaction used to seem to strange
but now that my life's a mess I'd give anything a chance

So now when you see me walk in the middle of the night
don't make me be lonely, come stay by my side
I wish I didn't need to feel like sitting my as down in a bar, that's right
at 4 o'clock in the morning where I should've held you tight

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