Tears of Winter

Oh, winter is near. A month of both happiness and slight sorrow.
Tears of Winter is a collection of my song texts trying to capture exactly this: the bridge between poetic love and passionate sorrow. It is a beautiful sight when the leaves turn brown and yellow, but yet a depressing thought to know that they wither and die. An intricate feeling we all gotta feel in our lives now and then. Sit back and enjoy


3. Double the War

Double the War

I care not for the city at night
its golden streets of neon light
I refuse to  continue sympathising
with the lunatics under the black moon rising

I feel no pity for the hazed
or the girls walking home dazed
I deny the fact that understanding
is simply agreeing when they demand it

I follow the tears that's been cried over the years
tracing the waterfalls to their source
I found bloodied angels fast descending with fear

I track down street saviors bashed down in a heartbeat
the city feels no shame and has no one to blame
I found beaten gladiators without any pride to keep

So I say double the war
chase down the answer to the truth forevermore
Come on, double the war
let's rage away the nights and days til we're sore

Bearded bastards replaces the cross with a moon
civilisations come crashing down all too soon
My eyes want to be blind, but are forced to see

I don't want your money, no
I just want you to see the truth:
society is decadent, falling to the ground with a smashing sound

So I say double the war
let's face them til they're sore
Just please double the war
we might be battling forevermore

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