The Life of Tsukiko


1. Prologue

The Life of Tsukiko Serenity


Christina Champlain


My name is Tsukiko; it means moon-child. I’m 5ft. I live in Missouri in the country of America in the year of 1921. At my rate of growing I’m sixteen years old and my family moved here when I was eight years old. When I was born I grew at a normal rate but it slowed when I turned six. Since I grow slower than other people; twenty years for them is one year for me. My life has not been easy. All of my life I've been an outcast because of what I am. Not human but not quite demon. I'm not even a half-demon. I'm a whole new breed: I'm 2/6 purification priestess human, 1/6 two-tailed cat demon, 1/6 wolf demon, 1/6 dog demon and 1/6 fox demon. I can choose what set of ears and tails I wear and what color my nails, hair, eyes, ears, and tails are and it helps me hide from people who want to hurt me. The only things I can't control are my markings, scent, and wing design and only my friends know that I have wings and what they look like.

When I was little my family was killed for protecting me. Then some people took me in. I thought they wanted to help me but instead they used dark magic to give me 2% bird demon blood. I fought to get away and ran. When I ran I was in my Ookami form so I was taken in by an Ookami youkai pack. They were all slaughtered for hiding me. I thought they were all dead.

After a few years of training to become stronger to protect myself and hiding from towns so the people wouldn’t hurt me, I ran into a Houshi* in my human form he thought I was a hanyou because I used a spell to make it to where I had my human night once a moth. We ended up falling in love after spending about two years together with him defending me from people who hated me, going on walks in the woods, and boat rides in the river, or so I thought…

A few weeks later, one of my old pack mates, who I thought was dead, came and told him what I was. They worked together to put me in an eternal sleep. They lured me into a field and then trapped me on a stone slab by stabbing me with a dagger infused with powerful dark magic that my pack mate had bought from a dark Miko. It broke the spell that had made me human once a month. That's when I knew I had been betrayed. It crushed me to know that the people I loved who had said they loved me would hurt me so much. I would never trust anyone again.

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