The Book of Worlds

Entry for the lore competition- lore on several worlds, gods, and the creation of a universe in general.


2. The first gods

As Dalain’s blood fell from him, it began to shape into other beings. Upon his death, as his soul fled from his body, it fed these beings, imbuing them with some of his former power. They were not as powerful as Dalain had been, yet they still had the ability to create. The gleamed with a brightness equal to Anora, and the Divani avoided them, hissing curses in their dark language.

    There were seven of the first gods. The first six were bright and proud, as Dalain had been before. However, within them they also had the kind warmth of his first world, Anora. Their names were Tvar- wisdom, Norlan- righteousness, Zetan- freedom, Alios- fortune, Jiat- light, and Kadissa- beauty. The seventh god, however, was dark and vicious. He had taken the hateful and bitter part of Dalain’s soul, and he envied his bright brothers and sister. His name was Somik, the god of darkness and rage. He personified the darkness of Gergassim perfectly, the Divani flocked to him- for the first time deigning to serve another being. They adopted him into their dark circles, and taught him their language, along with dark magic. And so he watched his gleaming siblings, brooding in the darkness, preparing for revenge.

    Meanwhile, Kadissa began to grow lonely. She was the only female amongst her brothers. Often she would look towards the brightness of Anora, and long for a sister.

    Meanwhile, her brothers set to work creating worlds of their own. At the start, the worlds were safe. But as Somik watched them, he grew more and  more angry. And so he sent the Divani to attack the worlds.

    At first, the Divani were successful. The worlds were nowhere near as bright as Anora, and the Divani devoured them with ease. This satisfied Somik, as he watched his siblings creation be destroyed. But it only worked for a short amount of time. Soon the other gods began to discover creative ways to protect their worlds. Some turned transparent as the Divani came close. Some darted away through the skies. Some created copies of itself to confuse the Divani. Their attacks stopped being successful- for while Divani are vicious and powerful, they aren’t very intelligent. And so they failed, time and time again, to destroy the worlds. Eventually, the worlds created by the gods grew numerous, and filled the skies.

    Finally, the gods tired of the Divani. They joined together once and for all to drive the Divani from Gergassim once and for all. They fought back and forth, yet neither side managed to gain any ground. The Divani would not leave, and the gods would not rest until this threat to their worlds was eliminated.

    In the end, it was Kadissa who had a plan to end the war. She approached Somik in secret, promising him information to end the war. Somik mocked her at first, but as she pleaded with him, he grew more attracted to her, until all he could see was her undeniable beauty. Finally, he allowed her to share her information, believing that he was winning. She spoke to him in soft tones of a weakness in the gods defenses- a hole that only could be breached by a god carrying the power of the Divani. When he asked her why she would betray this information, she explained that she did not want this battle to continue. She also hinted that she had fallen for Somik.

    Finally, he agreed. He even dared to promise her a place as his queen. She agreed, and so Somik launched an attack on the place she described. However, he found the other gods waiting for him. They bound him in chains made of godly steel- the only metal that the gods themselves could not break. Kadissa herself took from him a dark stone that the Divani had given him. With a word of power, she shattered it. The Divani were thrown into a panic, and easily routed and cast out by the gods.

Somik was cast into Gergassim. The gods built a prison for him out of gleaming lights that burned him if he came too close to them. He cursed them in rage, but they turned their back on him, and left him in the prison. They created the first celestial dragons as his guards, knowing that if he escaped, he would wreak havoc on all of them. And so the age of the Divani passed, and the age of the gods began.

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