The Book of Worlds

Entry for the lore competition- lore on several worlds, gods, and the creation of a universe in general.


3. The Birth of Ivana

In time, Norlan came to Kadissa, praising her as a hero. He praised her for saving them from Somik, and freeing the universe for them. At first she dismissed his words, but as his praise continued, she began to hope for it- to await his visits. After several times, she began to respond in kind, praising him for his bravery in combat, and for the slaying of several Divani.  Eventually, the two fell deeply in love, and were soon married. Their wedding was celebrated throughout the cosmos, and their wedding was the most spectacular affair that Gergassim had ever seen.

Soon after their marriage, Kadissa became pregnant with her first child. She was a young girl, bright and beautiful. They named her Ivana, and she became her parent’s pride and joy. She was eager and intelligent. From early on in her life, she shaped small things that held great beauty. Her parents were so proud of her work that they gave her an entire world to herself. It became known as Jadine- the world of beauty.

However, Ivana’s happy life was tragically short-lived. She had grown into a beautiful young woman, when a strange new being entered Gergassim.

It took the form of a woman, with smoky grey skin. It wore a cloak of night, and entered the land of the gods, calling for Kadissa and Norlan. At first they evaded it, suspicious of what it was and where it could have come from. But eventually, they agreed to meet it.

The being spoke in a hollow voice, and warned them that Somik had not been sitting idle during his imprisonment. He had sired a son- a boy as dark and dangerous as his father. The being warned that if their daughter should ever meet this boy, they would marry and have a son many times greater than his parents. It then dissolved into smoke before they could ask any more questions.

Naturally, they were horrified. Their little daughter- the light of their lives- had become a threat instead. If she ever met this son of Somik, then her child could be dangerous.

Gods are, unfortunately, proud and vain beings. Kadissa was willing to consider alternatives, but Norlan refused. He would not allow his daughter to be a danger to him. He created a prison for her, and locked her away.

Poor Ivana had no idea what she’d done wrong. All she knew was that her father had suddenly locked her away. She wept day and night in her prison, and her tears formed a long belt of stars across the sky.

Kadissa hated to see her daughter so miserable. She visited her in her prison, but could not let her go free. Finally, she opened a small gap in the fabric of the prison, allowing a bit of Gergassim’s blankless to slep through. This returned Ivana’s creating power to her, and she was satisfied.

However, Kadissa’s kindness was also her weakness. Ivana had the intelligence of her mother, and began to create a key to her prison. She shaped it slowly so that she wouldn’t draw suspicion to herself. Finally, it was done. The only thing it required that Ivana could not supply was the coldness of her father. This coldness she took from Gergassim, through the gap that her mother had created. Finally, the key was done. She unlocked her prison and slipped away into the night.

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