The Book of Worlds

Entry for the lore competition- lore on several worlds, gods, and the creation of a universe in general.


4. Girangi

Ivana fled through the darkness. Her path was lit by the worlds that her parents and uncles had created. She avoided these in fear, for if her father found her, he would lock her up again. So she went away from the light, and into the darkness.

Somik knew of her coming, and began to lure him towards her, using a lure of darkness. He intended to kill her- like Norlan, he did not want Ivana to have a child.

He nearly succeeded, but his own son was his downfall. He was drawn towards Ivana, following the subtle strings of fate that urged him on. Still far from Somik’s prison, the two met.

Somik’s son- a boy by the name of Evain- fell instantly in love with Ivana’s warmth and brightness. Ivana, in turn, sympathized with him, and grew fond of his even disposition and handsome face. Soon, the two were married.

Now both of them were exiles. They fled further into Gergassim, and there had their first child- a boy by the name of Girangi.

Girangi was a child with the handsome regality of a god, and the power of a primordial. From his birth, he began to create.

At first, Ivana and Evain were proud of his work. But soon, they began to grow concerned. Girangi was completely unstoppable in his work. Everything he created had the potential to shake the entire foundation of the universe. So they invented a solution.

Combining their light and dark powers, Ivana and Evain created a world for Girangi to play with. Delighted, he began to create.

Girangi, while still being incredibly powerful, had the mind of a child still, and the things he created reflected this. Strange creatures and beasts walked the surface of the world he called Talgus. And so, the wandering world came into existence.

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