The Book of Worlds

Entry for the lore competition- lore on several worlds, gods, and the creation of a universe in general.


1. The creation

In the beginning, there was nothing. Just blank empty space that was called Gergassim. It was dark and cold, empty of all life. It was populated by beasts known as Divani- massive star swallowers that soared through the darkness, always hungry, always searching for more stars to feed on.

    Then, into this darkness came another being. To call it a god would be to call an elephant a mouse. This being was much more powerful than any limitations of a god. His name was Dalain. No legend agrees on where he came from. However, the legends of the Firenzi- a tribe that we will discuss momentarily- are the most likely and believable. They state that he was fleeing from other beings like himself, carrying with him a small spark of creation. He set this spark in the blackness, and called it Anora. Thus, the first world was born.

    The Divani, however, refused to sit idle. The instant they discovered this spark of creation, they came after it by the hundreds- a massive swarm of darkness. But their victory was not to be. As they grew close to Anora, the brilliance of the star burned at them, forcing them to turn away before they grew close enough to devour it. Time and time again they tried, but they could not near the gleaming spark without being burned horribly. Their wails of outrage and pain shook the universe, but Anora would not be budged.

    During this time, Dalain watched his world with a father’s pride. It was a light in the darkness- an emblem of hope. However, as bright as the world was, it remained unpopulated.

    At first, Dalain chose to keep it this way. He wanted his world of perfection to be an unspoiled paradise, untouched by lesser races. But gradually, he began to grow frustrated. A being of his power ought to have worshippers. But he was alone in this universe. There was nothing to build temples to him. Nothing to feed his existence. Anger fueled his desire for worship, and so he breathed out into the darkness.

    His breath formed mist that Gergassim froze into crystals. He then took these crystals and shaped out of them the first race.

    This first race was wonderful- tall, proud, and beautiful, but also good and kind. Dalain was beyond pleased with them, and placed them upon Anora.

    However, that was when disaster struck. The beings of crystal melted in the heat of Anora’s brightness, and were destroyed within seconds. Dalain was stuck with grief, and also anger. Why should his creatures- his great, wonderful creations- be destroyed by his own world? He nearly struck down Anora in a fit of rage. But gradually, he calmed himself, swearing that he would not make the same mistake a second time. This time he created a second race, out of the coldness of Gergassim itself. These beings were much like his first creations- proud, strong, and beautiful. But the coldness of Gergassim influenced them, and they were harsh and cold. But Dalain saw none of this. He was proud of his creations, and placed them upon Anora. They were so cold that they could not melt. The warmth and brightness of Anora only made them harder and stronger, so that they gleamed like polished statues. Dalain was beyond pleased.

    Now these creatures ruled the world as his divine will. But there were no lessers to worship and obey. No lesser beings to admire his works. So he took the sparks from Anora, and created them into lesser beings- the first humans. Within each of them was a spark of fire- a spark of creation itself. Unlike the beings that he had first placed on this world- the angels, he called them- the humans were warm and gentle. They would be perfect for his worshippers. So Dalain placed them under the service of the angels.

    However, there was one fault in his creation. While the angels were pleased with what they had, the humans had a spark of fire inside of them. They were not content to serve the harsh and cold angels. They fought back, and Dalain was enraged. How dare they?! They were his worshippers- they ought to respect his creation! And so, to punish them, he did the impossible.

    The bright spark of Anora had grown brighter. The Divani continued to pursue it, burning with rage. The next time a Divani neared his creation, Dalain took a spark from Anora, and hurled it down the Divani’s throat. The monster howled as it burned from the inside. As it began to die, Dalain caught its soul before it could flee, and placed it inside of a pure white crystal, which he then gave to the angels, doubling their powers, but also turning them harder and crueler, touched by the soul of the star swallower. But Dalain did not care. They would teach the lesser beings servitude. And should his angels fall, the humans would destroy themselves.

    Now, Dalain was content to sit back and watch his world. But his victory was not to be. The Divani had heard the dying cries of one of their own, and they swarmed Dalain in a rage. Hundreds attacked him at once, swarming him from all sides, howling with rage in the dark language of the Divani.

    Dalain fought them, his bright world forgotten. He killed many Divani, but in the end there were too many. The Divani slayed him, and his blood rained through the darkness of Gergassim.

    It should have been the end, but it was just the beginning.

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