Try walking in My shoes

This is a girlxgirl and I've yet to write a chapter. *Description inside*


1. Description

Anna Williams is just like any average teenage girl. She daydreams about meeting her Prince Charming and flying away to a better life. But fate can be rather disappointing at times when instead of meeting her 'Prince Charming', she meets his sister.

On the other hand...

Jessica Knight is not your average teenage girl. She doesn't sit around daydreaming about meeting her 'Prince Charming' because why would she? When she already has it all. She's the meanest of all mean girls. What she wants she takes...

So how come two people of different life world collide? 

They hates each other why?

Can there ever be peace between them when they decides to 'switch' their lives? 

How did this even come about? 

What damage would be done when they find themselves falling in love with one another?

Is life as always as good of what people believe it is?


You never tried walking in their shoes.


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