Youtube High

Almost Every Huge YouTuber,with 50k subs and up,attends YouTube High. PewDiePie,Markiplier,JackSepticEye,Matthias,AmandaFaye,JacksFilms,MarziaCutiePie,Dan and Phil,And more. Including Emily Woods. Emily is new. Still learning the ropes of things and her helpful guide,JackSepticEye,or Sean,soon falls for her.


13. Lovey Dovey

•Emily's POV•

"Sit down everyone!" The principal,Mr.Justak yells. "Okay. As you know,we have...." And his voice just flies over my head. The vice principal comes up to me. "We need you down in the office." She tells me. I nod,standing up and follow her. We walk to the main office and she hands me a Manila folder. "What's this?" I ask,looking at its blain cover. "You've been elected for-" She stops when a teacher pokes his head in. "Kayla,we need you in the nurses office,now!" He says,panicked. The vice principal hurries out of the office without a word. I sigh. I take a sticky note off her desk and write a note saying I'll be outside for a moment. I set the folder down with the note and walk through her open the door. I stop in my tracks when I see Natasha and Phil standing there,hand in hand. I probably should rat on them for not being at the assembly,but I won't cause I don't care. They don't really say anything. They whisper somethings and then kiss each other. I wrinkle up my nose and walk back inside. I've had enough of that.


A/N: Natasha,sorry for it being a lil' too short,I'll try to find a way to make a longer one,if I can.

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