Youtube High

Almost Every Huge YouTuber,with 50k subs and up,attends YouTube High. PewDiePie,Markiplier,JackSepticEye,Matthias,AmandaFaye,JacksFilms,MarziaCutiePie,Dan and Phil,And more. Including Emily Woods. Emily is new. Still learning the ropes of things and her helpful guide,JackSepticEye,or Sean,soon falls for her.


8. Homecoming,YouTube Style

•Sean's POV•

I walk into the school,dressed in a suit and bow tie and everything. I sigh,reading the sign in front of me. I walk to the gymnasium,like the sign says,and open the door. A blast of music,conversation,and decorations hit me. I step inside and run my hand through my green hair I dyed yesterday. Mark and I had planned with me to dye our hair,his is pink,mine is green. I see the top of hot pink as he runs to me,wearing a suit and tie. "Dude,Emily isn't here." He tells me. "Why would she be here? She doesn't have a date because I never had the chance to ask her." I reply. Mark huffs. "Uh,yeah you did!" I wave my hand at him and we walk over to where all the other gamers are sitting with their dates. I plop down in a chair. "Hey,Matthias? Can you get me a drink?" Amanda asks,pointing over to the punch bowl. "Sure." Matthias answers. "I'll get a drink,too." I say,sighing. Matthias and I make our way to the beverage table. "So,you have no date,huh?" Matthias asks. "Obviously." I reply. We hear the door creak open,just as the song ended. Everyone turns their heads to the door. Christian Collins steps inside,all dressed up. And he takes a hand. She steps inside. Beautiful and sparkling. I drop the plastic spoon I had picked up for my yogurt. Everyone else goes back to what they were doing. song begins playing and Matthias nudges me. "Go talk to her." He tells me. "I can't." "Why?" "She's with someone else." I say and hear Matthias's footsteps behind me. I stand there,watching her walk over to the table Chris leads her to. I hear a bunch of footsteps. And a few hands on my shoulders. "It's okay." Felix assures me. "Yeah,she'll come around and find out what she's missing." Marzia says. "Don't worry." Amanda says. 

•Emily's POV•

I see a group over at the food and drink table,Sean in the middle of an embrace. They notice me and hurry off to their table,including Sean. "You know what,I'm thirsty,yup. So,I'll be right back. I also see a friend of mine,yeah." I say,getting up. I smile,pushing in my chair. I walk over to the drink table and get a drink. I walk over to Sean's table. "Okay. Why were you staring at me?" I ask. "We were-" Mark begins. "You look beautiful." Sean tells me. I feel my cheeks warm. " don't like me,right?" They all look at him. I notice the top part of his hair is a neonish green. And Mark's is a hot pink. "I like you," He tells me,standing up. "I like you a lot." I smile. "I like you a lot too." A throat clears to the side of us. I turn to see Chris. "Yes?" I ask. "Do you wanna dance?" He asks. "I'm sorry. We're here as friends." I remind him,in a sort of harsh tone. Behind me are all "Ohhhhhhhh!" "Right." Chris stalks away and I turn back to Sean. "I'm guessing you...." His voice trails off. He shakes his head,as if he's shaking away a thought. "Never mind. You wanna sit?" He asks. "Gladly." I say and take a seat in the empty seat next to Sean. After a few songs,a slow song comes on and Matthias and Amanda go face,as well as Felix and Marzia. I look at everyone else dancing. Natasha and Phil are dancing,too. 

"You wanna dance?" Sean asks,making my head turn to him. I lightly slap his face. "What was that for?" He asks. "That's for taking so damn long." I answer and we go dance.









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