Youtube High

Almost Every Huge YouTuber,with 50k subs and up,attends YouTube High. PewDiePie,Markiplier,JackSepticEye,Matthias,AmandaFaye,JacksFilms,MarziaCutiePie,Dan and Phil,And more. Including Emily Woods. Emily is new. Still learning the ropes of things and her helpful guide,JackSepticEye,or Sean,soon falls for her.


15. Free Day

•Emily's POV•

"Free day is where we can go wherever in the school for the day." Natasha tells me. I nod. "Cool." I say and she gets up and walks to Phil. I stand up and run my hands across my yellow dress. I walk into the school,my bag slung over my shoulder. People stare at me. I roll my eyes. I go to my locker and open it,a paper flies out. I leave it on the ground and put my bag into the locker. I take out my ukulele,and look in the mirror on my door. I straighten my flower crown and then set down my mini guitar. I pick up the paper. "Traitor" is scrawled in black marker over it. I crumble it up and toss it into the trash bin a few feet away. I close my locker,pick up my uke,and walk past Sean,who's talking to Mark and Ken. I head for my gaming section,just to hide. 

•Sean's POV•

Everyone's heads turn to me after the door clicks shut. "What?" I ask. They all turn back to their conversations. "How long are we gonna keep this up?" Mark asks. "As long as it takes to get her back." I reply. Felix narrows his eyes at me. "Are you sure?" I nod. "Extremely," I close my locker. "Now,I must go to the library to do research for a class." I tell them,and walk in the other direction. I push open the library doors and step inside. I go to one of the computers.

•Emily's POV•

I step inside and see notes all over my section. My mouth drops wide. My clipboard,which had my schedule for the entire week has scribbles all over it. If that's how he wants it to be,I won't complain. I set my ukulele down and hurry to the office. "Hey,can I see the directory?" I ask. The secretary smiles and nods,handing me a book. My finger goes down each page until I find the name "Robin Birrell." I slide it over to find the locker number. 236. Good. Inhand back the directory and rush to his locker,to see if he's still there. "Hey! You're Robin,right?" I ask. "Yeah. What's up?" "Well,I'm Emily. And I need you to help me with a prank." I say,smiling a tad bit. "Sure. On who?" "JackSepticEye." "Okay. What are we doing?" "Well,I would like to have cups filled with water all over his locker and his gaming section," I say. "Cliche,I know. But,hey. It'll take him awhile." I finish. He nods. "Okay." 


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