Youtube High

Almost Every Huge YouTuber,with 50k subs and up,attends YouTube High. PewDiePie,Markiplier,JackSepticEye,Matthias,AmandaFaye,JacksFilms,MarziaCutiePie,Dan and Phil,And more. Including Emily Woods. Emily is new. Still learning the ropes of things and her helpful guide,JackSepticEye,or Sean,soon falls for her.


5. Felix's Advice,I Guess

•Sean's POV•

I close my locker door and face Emily. "Cool." I say. She nods. "Yeah. They're really nice." She adds. "Ready for next class?" I ask. She nods,smiling. We walk beside each other. "BOO!" Bryan yells from behind us and Emily grabs my arm. She lets go and lightly slaps Bryan's shoulder. Bryan laughs and I see Matthias,J-Fred,Sarah,and Amanda Faye behind him waking together. "Why are you so scared of me?" Bryan jokes. Emily sighs. I roll my eyes at him and she slips her hand into mine as we begin to walk to class again.

I watch from my locker as Emily walks next to Mark,talking to him. I sigh. "Hey." Felix says. "Hey." I reply,still watching Emily and Mark. "Haven't you asked her out yet? Or is she swooned by Mark?" Felix asks. I shrug and close my locker door. "You two seem like you'd be a good couple. You're great friends and it's been two days." Felix adds. "She and Mark are closer. Look at them!" I say,pointing to them,laughing together. "Jack,you're gonna regret it when she's swept away." He tells me and I sigh. "She's probably only hanging out with me because I'm her guide. Watch. She'll just leave after she doesn't need me anymore." We walk,getting closer and closer to Emily and Mark. "Keep telling yourself that." Felix says and walks over to Marzia. I walk over to Emily and Mark. Felix looks over his shoulder at me,and nods to Emily. I take a deep breath. "Hey,what are you guys talking about?" I ask. Emily smiles. "Nothing really." Mark nods. "You're gonna do Prop Hunt tomorrow,right?" Mark asks and I nod. "Good." Emily replies. "Hey,so,maybe I could go hang out with you guys?" I suggest. Emily looks at Mark and shrugs. "I'm not doing anything." She says. "Me neither." Mark tells us. "Cool I'll ride the bus with you then." I reply. I turn and shoot Felix a quick thumbs up. Felix nods and Marzia smiles. She must be in on this.

A/N: Boring and short chapter,I know.

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