Youtube High

Almost Every Huge YouTuber,with 50k subs and up,attends YouTube High. PewDiePie,Markiplier,JackSepticEye,Matthias,AmandaFaye,JacksFilms,MarziaCutiePie,Dan and Phil,And more. Including Emily Woods. Emily is new. Still learning the ropes of things and her helpful guide,JackSepticEye,or Sean,soon falls for her.


4. Day Two,New Crew

•Emily's POV•

I step off the bus,talking to Mark,as we walk into the school. I see Sean at his locker and smile a little. Mark nudges me and I shake my head. I open my locker,as does Mark,and Sean walks over to us. "We have gaming until lunch,then editing,then social media handle class," He tells me. "Who do you have for editing?" He asks and I look at the paper in my hand. "Mrs. Fratto." I answer. He nods and Mark shrugs. "I think Natasha has her,or maybe Amanda Faye." Mark says. I nod. "Yeah,I don't have her," Sean frowns and the bell rings. "We're late!" Sean says,laughing and grabs my hand. We start running,giggling. "Here we are!" Mark says,as we gasp for breath after skidding to a stop outside the door. We walk in and Sean shows me to my gaming 'room.' It's more like a soundproof closet,but everyone else has the same. "This clipboard shows what your gonna film for the day,which is what you usually choose,unless there's an assignment,which is rare." I nod. "Okay." "And,plus,later this month,we're getting a shipment of VR headsets!" Mark tells me. Sean nods. "Okay,pick a game." He tells me and leads me to a HUGE case of games,for PS4,computer,Xbox One,everything.

•Sean's POV•

Lunch,then we part ways for a class. I'm super nervous. I really like her,but she likes someone else. We sit together at the table and begin to talk to everyone there. "Hey,Felix?" Emily asks. "Yeah?" He answers. "Do you know if anyone has Mrs. Fratto for editing just after lunch?" I push my lunchbox to the side. "I think Marzia has her." Felix answers and she nods. "A lot of singing YouTuber have her." Ken speaks up. "So,anyone up for a Prop Hunt collab tomorrow?" Bob asks. "Sounds fun," Emily replied. "How about you,Sean?" She turns to me. "Yeah." I smile. "I'd play too." Mark says. "I wanna play!" Wade says. "Boo Hoo to you,Wade!" Mark says and the bell rings.

•Emily's POV•

"Hey,your a newbie." Chris Collins says to me. A singing YouTuber. Cool. "Yeah. I do gaming." I reply. He smiles and nudges his brother,who's next to him. "Crawf." He says. "Yeah?" Crawford asks. "We've got a newbie." Chris replies as we sit down next to each other. "Oh. Hi! I'm Crawford! I do music with Chris here." I nod. "I'm Emily Woods,gaming." I smile. And let the Editing class begin.

"Sean!" I say running up to him at his locker after Editing. "What's up?" He asks. "I just met some awesome guys." I reply. "Really? Who?" He asks. "Chris and Crawford Collins."

A/n: going really well right? I'll make another chapter later :) <3

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