You're Not Sorry [Album]

First Album.

You only live once, but if you do it right, if you live and learn, make mistakes and fall in love, then yes my friends, once is enough.


7. Track 6 - Not Ready To Say Goodbye

I see you standing there
Looking at me pretty fair 
Eyes twinkling
Can see the stars (not ready to say goodbye) 
Fair hair
Nice smile (not ready to say goodbye) 
We laugh
For a long while
Did you have to go and screw things up?
Did you have to push me away? 
Now I've only got one thing left to say

Bridge - 
Well, is this all? 
You let me fall
What was all of it for? 

Chorus - 
Nobody (nobody) knows what I feel
Nobody (nobody) tries
Not ready to say goodbye
You took the time to know me
Not ready to say goodbye
Now you're saying goodbye


Verse 2 
It's like you don't even care anymore
Would it make any difference if I walked right out that door?
I can hear it in your voice
You're not giving me much of a choice (not ready to say goodbye)
Goodbye is a simple word
A word I finally understand 
It's a dreaded metaphor for 
I never want to see you again 

Bridge - 
Chorus  x2

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