You're Not Sorry [Album]

First Album.

You only live once, but if you do it right, if you live and learn, make mistakes and fall in love, then yes my friends, once is enough.


5. Track 4 - If You Only Knew

I think times 
Takin its toll
Don't know where to run
Don't know where to go
He's got my heart in his hold
Don't know where to look
He won't let go
Even though he says goodbye
He never ever really leaves, but this time

Bridge - 
I'm scared to see the ending
But I'm just done pretending


If you only knew

How I can't stop

Thinking of you 

Maybe you'd change your mind
About how
When you say 
If you only knew
What I think of you

Verse 2

You're like the devil himself
Fooling me with calls for help
Knowing that my kindness 
Will be the end of me
Then you say 
"Don't let hope become a memory"
Well I say "too late baby" 
Cause my hope ain't nothing but 
A memory


Now you're calling me up
Trying to apologize
But no, I see right through your eyes
Cause now I hope these memories
Follow you around
You let me hit the ground
Now feel the sound

Bridge 2 - 
I swear it to you
I don't wanna say

Chorus - 
Verse 2
Bridge 2

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