You're Not Sorry [Album]

First Album.

You only live once, but if you do it right, if you live and learn, make mistakes and fall in love, then yes my friends, once is enough.


4. Track 3 - Just A Girl

Verse 1
Looking back at last year
People I used to know
People I've only once spoken too

Friends I've lost
Friends I've gained
People I only see in the halls remain
People i never noticed until now

Everything has changed(x3) 
so fast, hard to make it last and last 


Now I'm slowly making my way straight to the top
Won the heart of a guy who thinks about me and can't stop
Taking all of it in
Hoping someday I'll fit in
Making one hell of a world

Trying to do everything in the world
But then I remember 
I'm only one girl

Verse 2
Now I'm here, in a crowded room. 
No one looks at me except you. 
And I'm dying to know is life killing you like it kills me
Now, I'm back in reality
You can't stop me
This year has changed my life

Everything has changed(x3)
So fast, hard to make it last and last



Bridge 2
People I've met. People I'll miss.
 People I have so far dismissed. 
People who have left me all behind. 
People I'll hate til the end of time.
People I'll love til the day I die. 


My heart can't stand to break one more time. 
So now that your back, please stay mine this time....


Bridge 2

I'm just one girl in love. For good this time. 

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