Whispering Shadows

Shadow, a young female werewolf, has to help her mother and father with the pack. She lives inside a close sanctuary and goes to a supernatural high school. When Roman, another werewolf from a new pack (the most feared pack EVER), and decides she is HIS, what will happen? Will Shadow allow this, or will she crumble whenever her parents tell her why she must? Find out in Whispering Shadows


10. WHY?!?!?!

SHADOW POV (nine months pregnant)


Why do these little babies decide that 12:28 in the morning is the perfect time to play soccer in my, crap. I think I just peed myself. I look down and scream,"ROMAN IM GOING INTO LABOR,'' I was freaking out slightly, but I just walked around and did random miscellaneous chores until Roman came barreling in. He grabbed my arm and dragged me to the infirmary. The doctor who I've been calling Pops has been telling me that because I'm so young, that I could possibly die in the process of giving my children life. I was terrified on the inside but then he said I needed to have a c section. Roman nodded and almost looked like he was going to cry. He waited on the sideline while the doctors and nurses got to work. I was sedated, and they cut into my stomach. When I woke up there was a blinding light and a woman who looked like an older version of me, except for the fact that she was a goddess. She told me everything, on why Lupe wanted me, why she killed my brothers, and that I was her daughter. I nodded shocked, but even more so she said that I could stay here until I wanted to go back. I was of course, going to stay for a while, it was my mother, whom I've never heard a word about. I looked over the edge of the cloud like substance under my feet and saw Roman, he was holding two babies. The doctor was saying how only two survived, I burst into tear and felt a shove. My mother pushed me down smiling she whispered in her angelic voice," don't worry, you'll be a great mother, get back to your family." 



She was gone, she had two pups, I'm alone without her, the pups won't stop whining, and my life left. I had been crying for hours, and we won't bury her until we fix her stomach. I was devastated, she was the light that I followed to the end of the darkness in my tunnel. She was life and I was death, literally, she gave life and I took it away. My father walked in asking to see his daughter-in-law, with her pups, but stopped when he noticed she wasn't breathing and I was crying. He sat down with me,"she's gone," he said with tears in his eyes, she brought fun, love, laughter, hope, joy, and too many other things to this pack. I nodded my head slowly," she only had two pups, the one female, and one male," he cried with me for a while then said hoarsely," she will have a burial, and she will be remembered for everything she had brought into our pack." I felt depressed like I was a rock thrown into the ocean...... Why did she have to die?

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