Whispering Shadows

Shadow, a young female werewolf, has to help her mother and father with the pack. She lives inside a close sanctuary and goes to a supernatural high school. When Roman, another werewolf from a new pack (the most feared pack EVER), and decides she is HIS, what will happen? Will Shadow allow this, or will she crumble whenever her parents tell her why she must? Find out in Whispering Shadows


12. The End of the Beginning

     Shadow pov


     I was in bed with my beautiful babies, they were finally old enough to walk by themselves. It's been two years now, and they get cuter every day. I haven't really left their side since the day I got back, and they seem to be happier when I'm around. I can't wait to see what their wolves look like. My thought were interrupted by someone crawling on the bed towards me. I turned over thinking it was just Roman, nope guess, what I was wrong. It was his brother, the one who tried to kill me before. He had a hand over my mouth and led me out of the castle," look I just wanted to apologize," he started off really slow," but.......I just wanted to get you back, we dated back before you moved over here. And I want you to know that I loved you first, you aren't supposed to be with him. He stole you from me because I wanted you....." He laid his head on top of my own," please don't let him get any closer with you, I don't want to see you getting hurt....."  He transformed, his wolf was similar to Romans except for the fur, the golden flecked eyes, big tight pointed snout, out of everything it was the coat color. The color was almost burgundy, like a red brown color, except with more brown. I was appalled," may I," I asked wanting to feel the fur. He nodded and put his snout in my hand, his fur was exceptionally soft. I felt like honestly, that I knew him, then he showed me his memories, he and I toppling over each other in the big green fields by my old home, the first dance he and I share, how he was also part vampire (this one was new), and our first kiss. I shook, this was the king of the Underworld.....

He laughed at me," no need to be scared I'm not here to hurt you, I'm only here to see you, my niece, and nephew, then I'm gone after I give you the present I made," he took me by the hand and we were in my room in under four seconds. He saw them laying down peacefully. Needless to say with him staring at them they woke up. They all started to play around (hmmm where's Roman) I was worried, he should have been home by now.........(He's planning a war on opposing tribes, clans, groups, pack whatever you want to call them.) I looked at him scared,'' you read my thoughts, I had them sealed shut," I said while shaking my head," nevermind you're part vampire I see now." He smiled and stood up with a sleeping kid in each hand," here you go ma'am, all nice and tuckered out for you." He handed me a box and a small item that had a button on it," press the button when you need me." He left as Roman came in. I opened the present he left me, it was a princess engagment ring.

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