Whispering Shadows

Shadow, a young female werewolf, has to help her mother and father with the pack. She lives inside a close sanctuary and goes to a supernatural high school. When Roman, another werewolf from a new pack (the most feared pack EVER), and decides she is HIS, what will happen? Will Shadow allow this, or will she crumble whenever her parents tell her why she must? Find out in Whispering Shadows


2. The Beginning


     As I walked into school I felt all eyes on me. Usually, I don't even try to use make-up because I have naturally clear skin and long lashes, so I just don't do anything. Today I added a little mascara and that's it, but it was enough to enhance my vivid baby blue eyes. I walked to my friends who had already known that I would do a little bit of mascara but were equally shocked by my appearance. "Hey girls anything new," I asked in which my witch friend replied," there's a new male werewolf that every girl is drooling over, and he's from the Lobo pack," she said her green eyes smiled softly. I nodded, I was slightly scared knowing this now, his pack and mine had never gotten along too well.




    I walked into homeroom, also known as the werewolf class, and sure enough, our alpha male was fighting with this new kid," Jace sit down please," I said while getting in their way before they hit each other. Of course, I was hit by Jace, in which case, the new kid threw Jace out of the window. I sat down next to this Roman kid because that was the second to last seat taken and I didn't want Jace and Roman next to each other for an entire year. "Hey I'm Shadow," I said with a warm smile," I know who you are, I'm Roman Lobo," he said with a hint of a growl. I shrank slightly in my seat, even though I was the alpha female, I was scared of him. Our professor walked in and looked at the window," looks like we've started early this year," he said while writing his name on the board, Professor Night. "This year we won't be throwing anyone else out of a window this year," he said while glaring at Roman," but we will be saying hello to our new Alpha, Roman who is sitting next to our Alpha Female, Shadow. Until he picks his Alpha Female then she is ours," he said while smiling at me. "Everyone your partners for the rest of the year is the person sitting next to you, I know this is new, but it's a test," he said," our Alpha Female has the power to change seating arrangements, and is in charge of keeping up with the pups who will sometimes find their way into the room. Now any questions," he asked, and watched people raise their hands," good no questions!" He went over rules and precautions then we had to get into knowing our partner," I'm Shadow Reign, as you know. I am 17, and the Alpha Female until you choose otherwise." He gave a grim smile," I'm Roman Lobo, I'm also 17 and you are going to stay my Alpha Female," he said with a weird look in his silver eyes.




    I smiled at her, just because I knew about her curse, and she was going to be mine. Although our packs were enemies, I was going to make us be united. I may be evil, but hey she was gorgeous, and from what I've heard no one else knows of this curse. " Hey Shadow," I said while putting my arm around her," you're mine," I whispered in her ear as she went a shade paler than her usual light tan. "And you can't fight it," I continued," because I know about your curse," she laid back and nodded. "Remember that," I said while messing with her straightened hair," don't tell me, no, and definitely don't get in my way when I try to fight. I only want to protect you." I heard the bell ring," who do you have next," I asked while she handed me her schedule," guess what, we have the same classes," I lied and threw away my schedule, I'll get my classes changed later I thought. At least, I could be with her for the year, and if she needed me I was there. Haha, I laughed in my head, nobody would be able to get her if I was with her at all times.



Oh My Life, the girl who is in this picture..... does anyone else think she's pretty????

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