Whispering Shadows

Shadow, a young female werewolf, has to help her mother and father with the pack. She lives inside a close sanctuary and goes to a supernatural high school. When Roman, another werewolf from a new pack (the most feared pack EVER), and decides she is HIS, what will happen? Will Shadow allow this, or will she crumble whenever her parents tell her why she must? Find out in Whispering Shadows





         I didn't know whether I should actually be mad or I was just being jealous. She kissed Jason, on his lips, why would she do that, did she just magically miss his cheek or was it an accident. I walked in and they broke apart," hello, we have to go shopping now," I growled while pulling her out the door. She smiled sheepishly at me," are you jello," she said while kissing the tip of my nose. I nodded and got her outside," we're getting married, you need to find a white dress or we can get one tailored for you if there's not one that you like," I was still kinda mad at her, but her baby blue eyes that change to gold when the sun hits them are hard to stay mad at. She walks out holding a sweetheart neckline with a princess style fluff of a skirt," uuuhhhhhhhhhh you want that one,'' I was surprised, she looked like the queen that she was going to be. She nodded," please, you now I didn't pick this out it picked me." She walked around gracefully, she looked so calm yet so alive. How she has this effect on me, I have no clue, but it works. 



         He knows as well as I do that I don't choose my outfits in the morning, they choose me. So why should it be any different whenever we go dress shopping." WAIT WAIT WAIT, WE ARE GETTING MARRIED," I said just now noticing that we were wedding shopping. That's what he meant, I thought he was joking........ He nodded and chose the cake. I shivered it was kinda chilly outside," but I don't wanna," I said while running. The guards had their guns pointed at me and were shooting because I had hit the prince as hard as my power would let me. He would be lucky if he made it out of that without being blacked out. They shot me in the back of my leg and I transformed, my beautiful golden wolf with a long train of a tail following behind me. I hid, I hid where they couldn't find me or reach me. I hid with a gargoyle on a ledge that didn't have any windows. I cried, I didn't love him, I loved Jason. Jason was the first one who talked to me whenever I had found out about my power, my power never hurt anyone. It just scared everyone........ I can heal people with my hands, I can stop a war with no words said, I can just walk into anywhere and I have complete authority without asking. I never asked for this last one, but I can take power from people, make them normal, or completely drain them. I have to choose to do it though. I tried to help someone once, a man was robbing a woman and I grabbed his arm. I started to drain him, I didn't know it though, but he was screaming and kicking trying to get away and when I finally let him go he looked older and I looked like my skin had bounced back. My mom or adoptive mom had said that I had a curse, so I went nine months without touching anyone unless I absolutely had to. When I found out that I could heal people is when I had decided to, I fell out of my daydream to see Jason staring at me down below. He looked around and made sure the coast was clear then came up.



            She knocked me out...... I couldn't believe my wife knocked me out, I was stunned, mad, happy, and just amazed. She could pack a punch, and look graceful while doing it. I was furious at the moment, people say my guards were shooting at her, and her leg had been hit. They saw her wolf, and that nobody has seen her in the past several hours. "FIND HER, I DON'T CARE HOW LONG IT TAKES YOU BRING HER BACK TO ME ALIVE," I yelled and everyone scattered. My princess, my queen, my everything was somewhere out there maybe dead........ I was almost in tears when  Jason came in," sir she's outside in the woods," he said sadly," she wants to talk to you." He walked out and went god knows where. I ran to the woods where they had pulled out some random girl who wasn't wearing nearly enough clothes, but I still talked to her. She pulled my tie and was flirting. I ignored her and told the guards to throw her into the dungeons. Shadow was still missing and I was still missing my heart that she took along with her.


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