Whispering Shadows

Shadow, a young female werewolf, has to help her mother and father with the pack. She lives inside a close sanctuary and goes to a supernatural high school. When Roman, another werewolf from a new pack (the most feared pack EVER), and decides she is HIS, what will happen? Will Shadow allow this, or will she crumble whenever her parents tell her why she must? Find out in Whispering Shadows


11. departed

Roman POV (three months later)


A beautiful funeral for a beautiful woman...Why did she have to die, she was so perfect. She was beautiful, smart, talented and, strong. Maybe we should have waited then she would still be here. I arrived at the funeral home and took my seat to wait for everyone else. My father entered soon after and sat next to me," I'm surprised you have decided to come out of your room after three months" he stated,'' is it?" I said back still going," is it a bad thing if I want to go to my mate's funeral? Or is it wrong because it was my fault?" I quickly got up and sat at the end of the row away from him. He didn't follow and everyone else came in and took a seat.

The funeral conductor walked up to the front and stood at the altar. He began to speak but I didn't listen to him, I looked at her body in the casket behind the conductor, I was staring in a trance, her beauty still beyond believe. I snapped back into reality and listened to the conductor's final words,'' is there anyone here who wants to share their thoughts," he asked looking around at the guests. "I will," I started raising my hand and replacing the conductor. I let out a sigh and began, "Shadow was beautiful and strong, certainly stubborn at times but she did so in a way that made me like her more. I loved her more than anything." I said slowly and tearing up more and more. No one said or did a thing so I just went back to my seat as the conductor started asking,'' anyone else," lots of people went up making the funeral longer than expected. 

After everything else was finished he said that there would be a dinner held for everyone at a nearby dining hall,I left towards the dining hall quickly less than half of everyone had left to the dinner but there was still a decent amount. Tables were lined up in three rows I sat in the corner of the furthest row from the entrance. Once again my father approached me," I know your upset but that's no reason to snap at me,"he growled,'' that's not the problem father," I growled back I got up and left before anyone else entered the hall," I'll go to her burial tomorrow and then take care of her pups myself," I whispered to myself.



Why was I in a casket, I felt like I had just woke up. I was fully awake and felt like I had slept forever. I got up, my freshly dyed blonde hair flowing all around me. I walked to the dining hall, everyone stared at me as I walked over to Roman. He gasped and looked as though he couldn't comprehend my being in that spot. I looked at everyone staring at me," well let's eat," I smiled," I didn't have pups for no reason. I had them and I will stay here to take care of them." I dug into my plate. Roman wouldn't let me out of his sight and the King had all of his available guards with me and the pups. I looked at my daughter who I hadn't been able to see for three months in another woman's hands. So of course, I went up and got both of my beautiful pups. She looked like she was going to shift to fight me, I let my teeth change and bared them. She finally realized that I was Shadow, and not a random person so she got down in her wolf form and asked for forgiveness in which I gave to her. The king came up to me and held on tightly," if you ever leave us like that again I don't know what I'll do," he sat me next to Roman who gladly took his daughter who erupted in tears after she left my grip. He whispered in my eat," they haven't stopped crying since you've been gone when you came back and held onto them they quit....." He was smiling as wide as could be, but still looked like he was going to cry tears of joy. I smiled and we went home hand in hand with a baby in each of our arms.




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