She's No Angel

The first single from my forthcoming album THERE WAS NOTHING ON TV




So here we have it, the lead single from my forthcoming album THERE WAS NOTHING ON TV. The start of phase two, in a way. Phase one was NEW ALLIANCE, THE PHONE GOES DEAD, THE WIDENING GYRE and RESET, then concluded with the outtakes collection CROSS MY HEART. This is a new beginning. RESET, to me, wasn't as good as it could have been, so I used CROSS MY HEART to reignite interest and finish off that era. Then came DEUS EX MACHINA, a little hint of what is to come. And here we have it, phase two kicking off in what I hope is classic style.

So what is SHE'S NO ANGEL to me? Well, it's a Motley Crue style riff (not that you can hear it because it's just lyrics) with some pretty simple yet (hopefully) effective lyrics. It's very glam metal, in a way. And it's one of the best hooks I've written in a while. I hope.

Well, you tell me.

- Sam H-B, 4/9/16


Cover art by @Kween Kwait

Cover concept by Sam H-B

HAMMER logo by @h a n n a h

Lyrics and inlay notes by Sam H-B

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