Alexandra Rose, a bright and extrovert young women recently moved to the big sights of London in search of a career as a writer.

Alexandra comes along some troubles on her first few weeks in her new city but slowly settles in as she makes some friends along the way.

Lust, love, broken friendships. What else will happen to Alexandra as she makes her mark on London ?

Read on to find out.


4. IV- Like Emeralds

Alexandra's POV:

The bus ride back to my house didn't seem as long on the way there. But I suppose it was simply because I was happy that everything was slowly coming together since I moved here.

I wasn't sure what to wear to Nick's though. I had to make a nice first impression on his friends. I unlocked my home and went straight for the bedroom. I chucked my laptop case onto my desk and walked towards my closet. I looked through my clothes. Everything looked terrible. I have had the same clothes for ages and I was in need of new ones. I pulled out a pair of blue ripped jeans. And a plain white top. I got dressed. Chucked on my black hightop converse and looked at myself in the mirror. I put my hands to the back of me and undid my hair brushing it with my fingers. That's it, I looked average but casual.

I put on some perfume and walked out the door towards Nicks.

Once I arrived at Nicks I could hear music playing from the backyard and a few voices. I knocked on the door and waited. No one answered. I knocked again yet still no one answered. I turned the knob and the door was open. I walked inside and slowly towards the noise.

"Alex you made it"

I turned around to see Nick.

"Hey sorry I kinda walked in I knocked but"

I said. And he looked at me

"It's okay I wouldn't of heard the knocks anyway. Do you want me to introduce you?"

I nodded and he took my hand leading me to the backyard. He took me over to the group of people who were sitting around drinking and chatting.

"Hey guys This is the girl I was telling you all about, this is Alex"

"Hey Alex"

A few of them said smiling at me. Nick offered me a chair and I sat down next to a young woman. She had long blonde hair and beaming green eyes.

"Hey I'm Poppy"

"Nice to meet you Poppy"

I smiled at her.

"How long have you been in London for"

She asked

"I've moved here just recently for work, Nick was a really good help in getting me settled in and suggested I came today to meet some new people"

She turned to the people we were sitting around

"Well Alex, this is Jackson"

She said pointing to a tall looking guy with long brown hair and a stubble face"

"And this is Rachel"

A small darker girl. With short black hair and a massive smile.

"And this one here is Toby"

I looked towards Toby's direction. He was a tall guy, short brown hair, masculine jawline. He was.. Handsome..

I snapped from my gaze when Nick walked next to us

"Foods ready guys"

He smiled walking back towards the barbecue. We all jumped up and walked to get some food

I just had a small plate because I didn't feel like eating all that much. We all sat down eating and having small conversations here and there, Rachel had asked about if my family was over here, Jackson asked if I had a boyfriend. And everyone really just wanted to get to know me which I thought was really cool.

"heyyyy Harry"!

Shouted Nick, I looked towards the door and there he was. The famous Harry styles. Nick jumped up and have Harry a quick hug before grabbing him some food. Harry came and sat next to me.

"So do we have a new friend in the group?"

He asked looking and me and laughing slightly.

"Yeah this is Alex. She's super cool don't worry"

Said Toby. He smiled at me.

Harry gave me a small smile before looking back towards his food and beginning to eat. It was quiet the rest of the time. After eating I sat back down with the group and grabbed a drink. Some more chat came along.

Harry pulled up a chair next to mine.

"Sorry if I came across as rude before, it's just we haven't had any new friends in ages, unless I'm just not around enough to see them before they leave"

He laughed. It was kind of him to apologise although I didn't take him as rude before. Maybe just shy?

"It's okay don't worry. I didn't take it that way, I'm Alexandra by the way. Or as Toby said before, Alex"

I smiled and him and he returned it.

"Do you live far from here?"

"Actually I'm just a few houses down"

I giggled. He smiled. His smile beaming with his perfect teeth.

"So why are you here Alex, in good old London"

"I moved here to pursue my career for writing, I just landed a job today actually"

I said proudly. I was super happy about my new job.

"Oh wow that's really cool, it's really good when people find jobs they like. I love mine"

He laughed pointing out his career of being famous.

Me and Harry continued to talk and get closer throughout the night. Getting to know about each other's lives and families. The night was getting colder and darker and I was getting pretty tired. I thought to call it a night

"Harry this has been Awesome but I'm getting way too tired. I should probably head off home and go to bed"

"Well at least let me walk you home Alex"

He smiled. And stood up. We walked over to Nick and I told him I was heading home. He gave me a hug and thanked me for coming. I said goodbye to the others and headed outside.

Me and Harry started to walk down the road. The night was gorgeous. Stars were out and it was warm.

Harry was on his phone almost the whole time. But that was okay I just felt like walking.

We made it to my house and Harry was still looking down at his phone and continued walking.

"Doofus, my house is right here"

He quickly looked up and turned around laughing. What an idiot..

"Thank you for walking me Harry it was really cool to meet you, maybe we could hang out again sometime"

"That would be really cool Alex, I'll get back to the others, night"

Harry got back onto his phone and began walking back down the path.

I laughed. I walked to my driveway and to the door. Unlocking it and walking inside to my bedroom. I changed into my Pj's and took off my makeup. Tumbled into my warm bed.

I had my first shift tomorrow and I was nervous. I also couldn't stop thinking about Harry. I fluttered my eyes closed and tried to sleep.

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