Alexandra Rose, a bright and extrovert young women recently moved to the big sights of London in search of a career as a writer.

Alexandra comes along some troubles on her first few weeks in her new city but slowly settles in as she makes some friends along the way.

Lust, love, broken friendships. What else will happen to Alexandra as she makes her mark on London ?

Read on to find out.


1. I- A Fresh Start

Alexandra's POV:

A small gust of air hit my shoulders as I stepped out of the plane, causing small bumps to appear on my skin. The weather was already feeling so different from back where I was used to in Australia. But at the same time I was relieved to even have a breath of nice cold air. I had been cooped up in planes for over 24 hours and I was terribly glad to be able to stretch. I made my way down the small staircase and into the airport. Searching for where to pick up my bags. I made a few random turns hoping to find something but I couldn't, I walked towards the customer service desk when a tall man popped up in front of me.

"Are you looking for where to collect your luggage"

He said in a husky voice.

I looked up to see he was a tall blonde man. With beaming blue eyes and perky lips. He was dressed in jeans, formal shoes and a button up white shirt.

I snapped from my gaze as I had realised I had not yet replied to this strange man yet.

"Uhm yes I am, sorry if I seem a tad frantic, it's my first time in London and I have no idea where to go"

The man gave me a small smile.

"Well it's no use being lost"

He turned around and signalled me to follow him. I have no idea why this strange man approached me. I've never met nor seen him before. But I was drawn to him. I followed.

I picked up my bag quickly as it was the only remaining one and I didn't want it to be taken as lost baggage.

"Thank you"

I smiled sweetly at him. And he returned it

"I'm Nicholas by the way, Nick for short"

He looked like a Nick. Some people, you can just tell their names by their faces.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Alexandra"

I said quietly

"what brings you to London"

He asked looking curious

I was a little unconvinced that I should give out all these details on why I'm here, but it was a general conversation so why not.

"I needed a fresh start from being in Australia, I have moved over here to pursue my career of being a writer."

He looked confused as I finished my sentence. His brows furrowed and his lips perked.

"That was not at all what I was thinking, I assumed you were a tourist. Or here for a honeymoon or something"

He laughed pushing his blonde hair back.

A boyfriend? Honeymoon? That's completely insane. The last time I was in a proper relationship was years ago. I hadn't minded though. I looked down at my watch and noticed it was getting fairly late in the afternoon and I wanted to go and set up my new place. I looked up at Nick the only person I knew here.. Should I ask? No he could be dangerous..

"Do you think you could show me to my new house. London is bigger then an airport and I managed to get lost here, no idea where I would end up if I went on my own"

He gave me a smirk, that I didn't like. But I had no idea where to go. I didn't even give myself time to think about the danger of asking him.

Nick picked up my luggage and proceeded to walk out of the airport, I hurried after him so I wouldn't lose him. It was still cold outside and I had noticed it was beginning to spit with rain as a drop had landed on my nose. We arrived at Nicks car, it was a medium sized grey sports car, I wasn't too sure of the brand or model as I wasn't really a car type of person. He popped open the boot and places my bags in then hurried around and opened my door so I could jump in.

"So Alexandra, where are we off to"

He turned to me puzzled.

"Well. My paperwork said that I live at 35 Westhill Drive"

I hoped I had pronounced the name correctly. Nicks eyebrows raised and I feel like I had done something to upset him from it.

"No way Alexandra. I live three doors down from you, you're buying the Richardson's old house, they moved into retirement recently"

He said it with such excitement like I was supposed to know who this old couple was. But hey the bright side was I had someone I knew not too far away from me.

He started up the car and we began our journey towards what was going to be my home for as long as I wanted it. I was not only excited but nerves were rushing through me, although I had Nick I had no other friends, little knowledge of London. And I had no idea how I was going to get on in this place.

The drive was fairly long, about an hour actually. But when he pulled up at the front of my house. It was gorgeous. The house was fairly modern. Brown brick and black roof. A gorgeous green lawn with roses and a tree out the front, exactly what it had looked like in its pictures before I brought it.

I hopped out of the car and went to grab my bags but Nick had beat me to it and was already removing them.

"You show me where to drop these then I'll be out of your hair"

He smiled and I wasn't sure I should let him in my house, I've known him for about two hours of my life. But before I could say no he was already walking up my driveway towards the door. I walked behind him and up to the door. Felt for the keys in my pocket before pulling them out and unlocking the door to my future. I pushed the door open and it was gorgeous. The couple now known as the Richardson's said that they would leave the house fully furnished for me as they didn't need it. And I guess now that I know they were heading into retirement I know why they didn't want their furniture.

I felt Nick follow me in and drop my bags near the doorway.

"I'll be off now"

I turned to him and He was smiling

"Thank you so much Nick you have been a massive help to me. I would probably be still standing in the airport hopeless If it wasn't for you"

"That's okay don't mention it, if you need anything remember I'm only three doors way. I have to go now. See you around Alexandra"

He turned around and headed out the door. I smiled and felt satisfied with the first friend I had made here. I grabbed my bags and took them to my room, unpacking was going to be hell but it had to be done.

I turned to the clock on the wall. 8:30pm..

It was getting later in the night and all I really wanted to do was sleep. I took out my pjs from my bag and chucked them on. Jumped into bed and fell asleep almost straight away.

Hopefully moving here was going to be one of the best decisions I could of made..

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