♡I'm in love with the 5th band member|a big time rush fanfic|♡

Tori Vega and her twin sister Nina have lived in New York all there life until one of favorite boy band comes to the big apple and there looking for their looking for there fifth member Will continue the Dcription later because the app is giveing me problems)


2. chapter 2: A little kissy

Nina pov

I saw my sister singing as she walked downstairs she was singing to herself

"so tomorrow is someone birthday" I said happy to her she continued to eat her breakfast I made her of course I know "tomorrow my birthday I will be 17 tomorrow" she said eating her pancakes I looked at the time "shit your late for school" I grab a cereal bar and my keys and Tori grabbed her laptop and bag and sat in shotgun I then got in the drives sit Tori was about to touch the radio when slapped her hand away.



Tori pov

"Ow Nina what the hell was that for"? I said "house rules Tori driver picks the music shotgun shut their cakehole".

That's when I rolled my eyes at her you and "your supernatural references"

I then just listen to my iPod on the way to school then layed back in shotgun sit and listen to the song called Teenage Dirtbag by Heroes For Hire then I fell asleep with earbuds in my ears a few hours later someone woke me up from my dream and said "Tori we are at school"

I woke up and got pushed out of the car "I need to go to work at the cafe" she said back I got out of the car and walked into school and put my stuff in "I think I will decorated the outside of it later" I thought in my head

I just put my books in my locker and try to find my class when I bumped into a boy with brown eyes and tan skin "sorry I didn't know where I was" going" he said to me Same I tried to looking at the floor and walked to class than put my head up "hey I'm trying to find mr sikowitz class"

"Oh I know where his class is" he said "my name is beck btw" he said

"Nice to meet you I'm Tori" I said back

You too he said he showed me to class and opened the door for me

"Umm thanks" I said I walked in and see some more teens and a teacher where in the room

"Today we will be doing something different and we have a new student" he said

"Hi I'm Tori and I'm new here to Hollywood Arts" I said back

"Nice to meet you Tori" they all said

"so anyway we are going to practice an anime called Sao sword art" online" he said

"cool" a girl with red hair said

Beck pov

Mr sikowitz had giving me kirito also we are not going to need script's I wonder who going to be Asuna I thought please not let it be Jade

"Tori I want you to be Asuna" Mr sikowitz said Tori and I walked up on the stage

"And you may start now" he said

"Kirito your a Baka" Tori said

"I'm sorry for breaking the coffee" table" I said

"Well you forgive me Asuna" I said

"Oh kirito I forgive you" Tori said

than I kissed her on the lips she kissed back

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