♡I'm in love with the 5th band member|a big time rush fanfic|♡

Tori Vega and her twin sister Nina have lived in New York all there life until one of favorite boy band comes to the big apple and there looking for their looking for there fifth member Will continue the Dcription later because the app is giveing me problems)


1. chapter 1: ♡~I'm not drugs I'm just in love~♡

This is my first Bandoms fanfic I will try to update ever Friday Night

I know today is not Friday it's Sunday morning any way this will be a Bori BeckxTori fanfic and a big time rush fanfic If you don't like them don't read okay. And it will have Nina Dobrev because why not.

Tori's Pov

I was jamming to Big Time Rush really loudly when I heard a nock at my door I opened it was my twin sister Nina "what's up?" I said to her

"can you please turn down the volume of your IPod?" she said

"Sorry sis" I said while looking down at the floor while biteing my lip

"It's ok brakefast will be ready in five minutes"

she than walked out of my room I then jumped on my bed

And continue listening to big time rush I love them so much I wish I could meet them I visited there website homepage it said big time rush is looking for there four band member I hope he lived in New York as me and Nina

I was singing Not On Drugs by Tove Lo and walked downstairs for breakfast.

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