What is your Hogwats House?

What is your Hogwarts house? Slythering-Ambitious, cunning Gryffindor: Brave, Courageous Hufflepuff: Kind, Loyal Ravenclaw: Wise, knowledgeable


1. What Hogwarts House are you in?

Are you wondering what Hogwarts house you are in? You can find out simply right here in this sorting hat :)

Follow the questions honestly, or you wont get your true house.

If you follow them dishonestly...You're too much of a fangirl/guy.

All you have to do is copy down the question numbers in the comments and put your answer by them for example:


Q1: Invisibility cloak

Q2: blah

Q3: etc

I will reply what house you're in :)

good luck.

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