What is your Hogwats House?

What is your Hogwarts house? Slythering-Ambitious, cunning Gryffindor: Brave, Courageous Hufflepuff: Kind, Loyal Ravenclaw: Wise, knowledgeable


4. Q3

You find you have lost the trail while hiking in the mountains and now you are hopelessly disoriented. What do you do?

A: Turn back the direction you came. You have a pretty good sense of direction.

B: Start walking down the mountain. If you follow the valley, you'll find you way, you think.

C: You stay put where you are. you don't want to get more lost and you know someone will realize you're gone and send help.

D: Get to the top of the mountain. Then you'll have good vantage point to see where to go.

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