Vampires Don't Exist

She doesn't believe it's true... It can't be true, after all not everything is what it seems... Right?


1. It begins...

Gabriella wandered the dark streets, cooling down from her daily evening run. She heard rustling throughout her surroundings during the hour of her run, assuming it was only the occasional breeze that blew through the small town. Oak Hills, Oregon. She was glad for the month of October to come alive; the spooky feeling chilled her to the bone. The darkness seemed to swallow her in different parts of the town. Gabriella took to a bench, letting her legs rest. She stretched her arms and torso before standing up, stretching her legs, too. A strong breeze engulfed her quickly, her hair flying around her face. When the wind settled down, a figure stood across the street. She strained her eyes in an attempt to make out the silhouette; broad shoulders, thin at the waist-so it seemed, thick biceps, slimming at the... It moved toward her, gracefully, like one would in ballet. Gabriella, frozen on the sidewalk, stared as the figure moved closer and closer. The figure appeared to be a man when the light poured over his face and body as he moved out of the shadows and into the streetlamp light. Gabriella's jaw dropped in horror; the teeth she saw weren't just.. teeth. 'That's not possible..?' the thought shot through her mind like a bullet. Her fight or flight instinct finally kicked in, and her legs bounced up as she turned and started running as fast as her legs could move. She was not sure if it was the adrenaline pumping in her veins, or if she really felt his breathing down the back of her neck. Once her breathing slowed along with her heart rate, she slowed down until she was at a comfortable jog. She turned her head to look behind her, stopping. She turned the rest of her body to face the direction she had just so fearfully ran from. A straightaway and he was nowhere to be seen. Maybe she had hallucinated it? Her sleep deprivation was getting worse after all. Taking in a deep breath, she turned back in the direction she was fleeing, and took a step forward. Her body froze like ice; he stared at her. Just a few paces away..   "Hello darling"   He gave her a smile, sadistic yet kind. Gabriella stared back in horror, not sure whether running away would get her to safety in time.   "It seems I have frightened you, I must apologize."   He held a hand out to her, taking hers in his, shaking. He pulled back before she could register the touch between them. She licked her lips trying to make sense of what was happening, if she had finally fallen asleep, or if this was real. And he was exactly what she thought he was. There were rumors for years of there being such a ridiculous sight. Vampires. Pfft. Who would think that could ever happen in Oak Hills. A peaceful town that hardly ever saw crime, being one of the lowest rates in Oregon.   "Miss? Are you all right?"   The voice came back to her as she pulled herself back from her day dream. She shook her head and stepped back, feeling a hand touch her arm, gently pulling her back.   "Don't!"   The shriek came out suddenly. He jerked his arm away, stepping back. His face alarmed, then softened. A smile took place from the almost anger that crossed it just a few seconds earlier.   "It will be all right, now. Please.."   He took a step toward her, reaching again, but this time she did not hesitate. She let her feet and fear take charge as she ran from the strange man. She could not bring herself to believe what she saw on his face. The.. Fangs? She shook her head as her feet hit the pavement, faster and harder until she reached her small, one story home. She burst through the front door, her husky/wolf hybrid dancing around when he saw his owner. His happy dancing came to a halt when he sensed the fear. He nudged her hand, then her leg, until she sat on the floor. He stared at her with almost concern, tilting his head at her. Gabriella took a deep breath and ran a hand through his thick fur. Most of was a dark gray, though had some black running through as well.   "Rudge.."   His ears perked up hearing his name. He nudged her face, before licking it. She let out a sigh, standing up. He stood at her waist on all fours, taking more of the wolf genes than the husky.   "I am taking you with me from now on."   Gabriella locked the front door, and shut the porch light off, looking out of the small window next to the door. Letting the curtain drop back into place, she stepped back and walked to the kitchen. She pulled out a take out menu, and ordered her usual from the Mexican restaurant down the street, adding in an extra special something for Rudge.   "How about some T.V., huh Rudge?"   Rudge gave her a quiet bark as he walked over to the couch and jumped up onto it, settling down on one end, giving her room to sit. She followed suit, folding her feet under her, letting Rudge place his head in her lap. She grabbed the remote and hit the power button with her thumb. She flipped through the channels until she came to a channel that was playing the Pirates of the Caribbean marathon. She let out a long sigh, and turned up the volume to be able to hear the low dialogue that played. She set the remote down on the table and leaned back. About a half an hour passed when there was a knock at the door, Rudge, as always, beat Gabriella to the door, sitting patiently, staring at it. Gabriella opened the door, taking the food. She set it on Rudge's back, paying the delivery man, Todd, with a tip. She closed and locked the door, before taking the food off of Rudge and going into the kitchen.   "You hungry Rudge?"   He barked in response, his tail wagged while his tongue hung out. She pulled out her food, arranging it on a plate and heading into the living room. She set it on the coffee table, before heading back to the kitchen.   "Where are your manners?"   She called to the now guilty puppy who attempted to steal her burrito. It became a routine, and she enjoyed it; they both did. Gabriella returned to the couch, setting a pillow on the floor in front of her food. She sat down, placing a can of Vanilla Coke next to her plate of food. She set down a plate of unseasoned beef next to her for Rudge, along with his water dish.   "It's gonna be another long night, buddy."
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