The Death Of Sargeras!

Everybody that play world of Warcraft have talked about Sargeras for a long time. So I thought about his death so here it is :)


3. The Dark Portal

"Medivh is she alive or dead!?!?" I said feared. "There's a chance of her being alive.." Medivh said in a tear in his eye. "What's wrong Medivh?" I said sadly. "It's just that I feel bad for opening the portal.." I wasn't sure if he was hallucinating. "What portal?" This made me curious about it. "The Dark Portal..." Is he honest!?!?!? I never heard of him do that! "Can you tell me more!?!?!" I really wanted to know about this "Dark Portal". "No old friend I cant.. I must go. I'll teleport Jaina to Dalaran and let her get healed." Medivh disappeared. "Well I guess I have to open a portal.." I teleported to Dalaran hoping to see Jaina There. I went to Jaina At the Violet Citadel. "Hey Ja-" The Hell..I feel Demons..DEMONS! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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