The Death Of Sargeras!

Everybody that play world of Warcraft have talked about Sargeras for a long time. So I thought about his death so here it is :)


2. Medivhs Comeback

DAMN IT! I HAD TO DO SOMETHING! I used some floating magic but it didn't work. I looked at Dalaran while we were falling and I saw a little flashback. "Medivh I found a book!" "What book is it?" "Its called Sargeras!" I looked at Medivh and he seem to twitch a little, he used his magic and pushed it to the wall. "What the hell!" "That looked like a good book.." I was disappointed that he did that. "Medivh you know I look to learn." I said "Listen Khadgar. Its NOT a book! its a titan...Well used to be a titan.. He than betrayed his team called the Pantheon runned by Powerful Titans. He Killed them alone." Medivh said. I was shocked but why?!? "He than made a place called the Tomb Of Sargeras But no one has located there yet." Medivh said angered. I than got out of the flashback. I saw a little light that looked like Medivh. He found our bodies and I looked at Jaina and she was passed out...Or dead.

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