The Death Of Sargeras!

Everybody that play world of Warcraft have talked about Sargeras for a long time. So I thought about his death so here it is :)


1. The Archmage

Medivh ...I remember the day I met you. Karazhan was our home...We made new friends. We met Family's Till Sargeras Possessed you. TILL HE POSESSED ME! "AGH!!!" I screamed loudly hoping  no one heard me. "Thank the light it was a dream..." I said happily. "Khadgar!? You in there!?!?!?" My mother heard me...Damn it! I opened my door and saw her. "Khadgar are you okay?" My mother say frightened "Yea...Im okay." I wish Medivh  wasn't possessed.. "You still having dreams about Medivh? You have to get over him...I mean he did do pranks to you." "Yea but he was my best friend.." My mom left my room. "Well Time to get my armor on.." I got my armor on and casted a teleporter to  Dalaran. I mean I cant forget im a archmage. I ran to the Violet Citadel to talk to Jaina. "Jaina..You remember Medivh?" She better have.. "Medivh? Oh that friend you had? Yeah I remember Him!" "Well I need to tal-" The Violet Citadel was falling! I grabbed Jaina And we fell..

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