This is an AU of Dangan Ronpa where it's a regular school, not one where mass murder is required to "graduate." No, this is my own story.

Even if you haven't seen Dangan Ronpa The Animation, this is still readable for you. The characters will be introduced, and I will add my own.

What a treat for me!

Disclaimer!!! I do not own Dangan Ronpa The Animation nor do I own the cover photo! I only own the storyline and Celestine Greyson!!


1. Prologue


My knife dragged along the wall as a completely uncharacteristic, bubbly laugh escaped my crimson lips. Insanity pumped through my veins, willing my emotions to flood in pools from my body.

I was bloodthirsty. I needed another victim.

Luckily, this school was filled to the brim with them. I could go into any dorm I wished and slaughter an unsuspecting, naive student.

My next victim cowered in the corner of her room, whimpering and crying. I titled my head to the side, my dark bangs shadowing my dangerously glinting eyes. A sick, twisted smile formed on my lips, revealing my pearly white teeth.

"What's the matter, Ikeda. Are you scared?" I asked, hysteria seeping into my every word with such softness, she released a loud sob.

"Leave me alone!" she cried weakly. My smile only grew at the sound of her despair. A dark chuckle escaped me and I walked slowly, inching closer toward the shaking, scared girl.

"You poor thing. I should probably make this quick," I said, my voice dripping with mocking pity, poking my bottom lip out in a frown. My sick smile returned, making my victim scream in agony.

"Then again, I want to please myself," I said lowly. My fingers ran blindly through the teenager's platinum blonde hair. Her crystal blue eyes glimmered with tears, making my heart soften ever-so-slightly.

I was disgusted.

"How revolting. It seems I have been cursed to take pity on you," I said, voice dripping with hatred. "No matter. This was fun anyway. Feel free to report your encounter. However, there is one small price to pay for your life."

"Wh-What is it?" the girl asked in a shrill voice. I licked my lips with a smirk.

"You must bear my insignia," I said lowly. She nodded vigorously, eyes wide. I chuckled darkly and took right hold of her dainty wrist.

What a terrible night for the screaming girl. The eve before the first day of school, no less. The school that I was to attend as a transfer student from England to Japan.

Hope's Peak Academy.

Once my insignia was placed in the fold of her right elbow, carved with a needle, I lapped up the extra blood with my tongue. Moriyama Ikeda was panting, tears rolling down her face, as I left without a trace.

That is, except for her new body art created by moi. "Jane the Killer," it read, after the Creepypasta character I had read so much about via Internet.

The best part was, I had two titles at this school for the talented: Super High School Level Elite and Super High School Level Serial Killer.

How delectably fantastic for me. So many victims in only a building. Wondrous, amazing, perfect. How flawless a place for a serial killer such as myself.

And to think they had accepted me of all people! Talent really does pay off, I suppose.

Ah, the bloodshed, the despair, the horror. How amazingly perfect my life has become.

So begins my high school life.

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