"An invasion of Privacy" tells the story of two boys Tom Taylor and Mickey Binks growing up in the middle 1950's. Mickey is the Elvis fan Tom is into James Dean. Tom is not interested in school and plays the wag most days. Mickey and Tom are inseparable and live in the same street. they leave school and Mickey takes on various labouring jobs, Works down on the quay; then as a coalman before getting a job on the Grainger market in Newcastle selling fruit and vegetables. Tom loves cooking and has helped his gran make bread, tarts and scones. he gets a job as an apprentice Baker and confectioner for Archer's bakery. read about their exploits as the two boys grow into men. If you remember what it was like growing up in the fifties then this is definitely one for you to read.


83. 83

“Now I will give you the money you asked me for; but see if you can pick up a good second hand barrow from Staggie’s he’s the man to see about your stall as well. You are going to need stock to sell. Work out how much you will need each day like you do up at the Grainger Market.’

You are going to need fresh produce every day so can you organise a delivery of fruit and vegetables?’

Yes Mr Taylor I know Bobby Brunton who drives the fruit wagon, I can get him to drop it off for me each day.’

“Good now here is fifty pounds that will cover the cost of your barrow and stall the first concession of fruit and veg as well.’

I will sort out your rent and the pitch with Peter Jacobs tomorrow.

“When can you start?’

“As soon as I can Mr Taylor.’

“Right I will phone Peter now, you go to see Staggie and sort the barrow out and a big lock and chain as well to lock it up in the back yard.’

“Thank you Mr Taylor I won’t forget this; I will work hard.’

“You had better or I will boot your arse for you.’

Thanks’ dad.’

“Is that it then?’ let me go and ring Peter for you.’

“Mickey sat with a big smile on his face knowing he was going to run his own business in a few days time.’

“What are you going to call your business asked Tom?’

“Mickey’s fruit and veg of course.’

“No it is not catchy enough to get business.’

“Alright smart arse what would you call it.’

Tom thought for a moment the said how about just calling it “The Barrow”

Everyone will know fruit and veg are sold from it.’

Yes, that’s bloody perfect.’

George shouted for Michael who went through to the living room where a roaring fire was burning in the grate. Peter is going to register your business with the council what is it going to be called.

“The Barrow Mr Taylor, Tom picked out the name.’

George repeated the name down the phone and then winked at Mickey.

After he was finished talking George thanked Peter then hung up.

“There you are; Peter says you will be up and running by next Saturday. Can you be ready by then son?’

“Yes, I know I can.’

Good now go and see Mr Stagg and get that barrow sorted.

Mickey thanked Mr Taylor again and then he and Tom ran down the street to Staggie’s house.’

When they got there they waited until they got their breath back before knocking on the door.

“Let me do the talking said Tom who had a bag of pies in his hand that was meant for Mickey but they would be used as an inducement.

He heard the sound of heavy footsteps approaching the door and the large man who they all knew answered the door.

“Yes, what do you want said the man who stood six feet tall and sixteen stone.

His unshaven face was round and he had a large bulbous nose that had hairs growing out of it.’ He still had his cap on which kept his bald pate warm. He had on a shirt and a pair of black braces holding up his huge girth that hung over the top of his trousers.

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