Red Strings


1. Prologue


All I could see.

All around me, holding me, floating in the middle of nothing. 

So suddenly I saw it. The flash of red from the middle of the blackness, wrapping around my hand and wrist. It was so tightly bound that I felt as if the red string would break my bones and had already cut off all circulation. I couldn't move. I had already tried. As suddenly as it appeared, it completely unraveled, all with the exception of the little red string, wrapped loosely around my little finger. I tried to remove it from my hand but nothing was going to change the fact that it was there aside from death it seemed.

I gave the string, disappearing into the darkness, an experimental tug and through the ringing silence, I heard the most angelic voice say something, muffled may it be, but still as beautiful as a siren's song. I knew that  I wasn't alone... 

"Al!" I heard the voice again, calling me as the dark turned into my bedroom setting. A small ashen blonde ran up the stairs. I sat on my bed and smiled at her presence while she shut my door and handed me an envelope. 

"Happy Anniversary!" she kissed me on the cheek and I grinned, passing her a small box and card with a smiley face on the front. 

"Thanks Babe. You too" Her beautiful blue eyes lit up in excitement at the pink gift covered in a red ribbon as he opened it it, revealing a small, black necklace with a black and pink heart on the end. 

I knew everything about her. Somehow, I knew everything about her, all except her name. Suddenly, the blackness returned and enclosed us both. The string... The other side attached to her little finger like it was, mine. What did this mean? If this was some type of problem then- an urge finally over came me to protect her.

But  she's just a product of his imagination... Not real... No. He was too imperfect to create such beauty, such ... such... Perfection.

Cutting through his thoughts, was a scream. A scream from his angel.  The angel that he had now sworn to protect ,to look out for, to find. 

He  watched as his angel dropped through the blackness and dived through;  anything for his angel.  Then  she stopped screaming, smirked at him, devilishly. He  didn't  understand how one could go from  being so sweet  to smiling  so maliciously. Then, she simply dissolved into the black. That was when Allistor realized , he was the one who needed saving... 

He waited for the impact an d counted down the seconds before landing. He saw tarmac flooring.




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