Time Traveller

The Intergalactic Time and Space Movement Association rules with an iron fist. They create the laws that govern the seven galaxies and enforce them with methods unknown to the public. This novel centres around a rebel time traveller and her covert operation to overthrow and demolish the law of The Intergalactic Time and Space Movement Association and replace them with her own team of newly formed outcasts. Through time and space, she and her company travel in order to track down and trap the members of The Intergalactic Time and Space Movement Association without laws or orders to follow. However, the revolutionaries may be growing but a darker force is massing in secret and the government and the rebels will both fight no matter who holds the titles, the question is will they join together and become comrades in battle or fight on more than one front?


3. Chapter Two

Chapter Two 

Hands closed around my waist and I was hoisted up towards the sky, the rain still pelting down on my face. Clearly, I was being carried by a man, he called me Venture. I’d travelled through many lands whilst ruler and before that, I was well known but the years after my reign had been rough and the places I had travelled didn’t recognise me so I had created false personas, different versions of myself that could do different things and act different ways. I liked being able to change who I was, a simple hair colour and name change and no one knew my past all they saw was whoever I’d decided to be. Slight trouble with that was that at this current moment I couldn’t’ remember who Venture was and what she acted like… She wasn’t me and her memories were lost in the void that contained all the memories of lost friends, lost people that all shared my face.

The weather still remained the same for our journey back and the only different was the instead of me walking I was lay strewn across the shoulders of someone I know I’d met before yet my mind was blocking their name just as the weather was blocking their face. The crunching below me indicated that I was no longer in mud, it sounded like twigs or leaves which meant forest ground however there were no trees above. I was at a loss…

Physically I was beginning to regain some of my strength enough to move my head and try to visualize my surroundings, my mind was still blurry which meant my vision wasn’t good but my hearing was fine and that was at least something. I assumed if there was no rain then the blood on face would have dried yet instead patches had been worn away by the ferocious rain and others that were strong enough to stay were leaving patches of blood dotted across my face and arms. My legs were extremely weak and my arms were limp and unusable currently, I was in a pretty bad condition but never the less I wasn’t going to show it. Hair and blood matted with the mud and spread across my face, the putrid smell of my own stench seemed to want to make me vomit but the tears had dried leaving a stinging feeling.

The night seemed somehow lighter, dawn must be approaching but it seemed like it was taking its time. My capture was going at a steady pace, I realized now that back then I must have been running in order to not sink into the mood but this man even with my weight as load seemed to be coping well. More than I could say for myself. I was being jumped around the place, with each step I was thrown up into the air and then slammed back down onto the man’s shoulder. His shoulders were broad and muscular, extremely hard which meant every time I collided with them I was bruising my own limbs.

Crunch again, I was finding it impossible to open my own memories, it seems as though my mind had iron locked them and I clearly did not hold the key. As usual my mind was not helping. It never helped.  Centuries of memories sawed through my head from the frozen lands of the west to the volcanic islands of the south, the marshy greens of the north and the sandy bays of the east. I knew from where I was that I started at least from somewhere on the cost, the orchard was from the frozen lands yet I’d trekked into the marshy greens a few days afterwards, as this mans speed could not match mine then I must still be in the marshy green. Land of Eldeon, the strong, known for his defeat of three wars – the first of the dragon riders, he’d slain almost every single one of them and those who had survived had fled to the volcanic islands, then there was the second of the frozen beasts, all manner of monsters had risen from the west with faces like humans but minds like savages, he’d destroyed them with his mighty war hammer and then there was the final war, the war against the mighty Queen Vutenre, she’d ruled the entire continent yet when the war came and thirty years of battle did not favour her she was said to have fled to the north however no one knows for certain. No one except me as I still kept the badge of the ruler hidden beneath my skin, after all Vutenre and Venture are so alike they could be the same person. Couldn’t they?

My strength was gaining and quickly about it, my limbs were able to move but not without extreme pain but I was thankful for the movement they granted me. I used my right arm to push myself up from my captures shoulders and with that I heard the voice again, “You were always a strong one, Venture.” I replayed the voice again and again in my head, soft and deep, calm and loud. Impossible to recognize, most people’s voices sounded similar. It was an impossible task; my brain was fried. “Venture?” the voice questioned, something sounded slightly off this time, an underlying current of something new, something that wasn’t there before. “Venture?” the voice said again, slightly higher pitched this time, as he sounded the letters out he seemed to be stopping and saying them weirdly. Something was wrong. Whilst I left my brain to ponder I did not reply and I was gently laid across the ground in front of whoever had scooped me up in the first place.

It was light enough to slight features now, although he wasn’t standing close enough and with my vision still blurred I was in no state to squint. His nose wasn’t prominent and his figure seemed bulky with weapons on is belt, knives and swords of all kinds and his legs were laden with pockets filled to the brim of things I couldn’t see. There was a bag on his back and his hair was long and dark, it’s colour either brown or black, maybe even a dark red but it was unlikely. He looked over me and whispered into my ear making my hairs stand on edge “Run”. This time his voice had definitely changed, it had gone extremely high pitched yet deadly quiet and with a swing on the end of the word that seemed slightly psychopathic.

I remembered who he was. His name was Oxton, he used to be clan leader of one of the fourteen clans of the marsh lands under my reign but that wasn’t the main thing I remember about him. He was half-breed, half elven and half goblin but his elven characteristics always won the battle to rule, accept from when he was bitten, in the war of the frozen beats he was bitten by the human-looking monster and it left him permanently scared. Not just physically but spiritually as well, his goblin side was released every so often after that, he became savage and without thought, the desire for mortal flesh and life was over-powering. Yet I had given him to many of my own doctors and magicians yet they could not solve it, only prolong the change. Of course, when my rule ended the magicians and doctors loyal to the crown stopped providing his medicine and his clan as well as the world saw him for his other nature, his goblin side mixed with the frozen beast’s savageness. I hadn’t seen him for years, I assumed he had died or lost everything but he looked good. Although as my eyes got better and the light around us got brighter I was releasing something. The change was getting worse.

“Run” he almost screeched, “Run Venture!”

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