What should have been

What if James and Lily lived?


5. That Filthy little-!

I slowly lifted Harry out of the crib. Moony and Padfoot stood up. I handed Harry to Lily, and she backed up against the wall, holding him tight. Moony, Padfoot, and I slowly circled around the crib. The “Stuffed” Rat did not move. We weren't fooled. It looked to realistic. I lunged at it, and it suddenly moved, running out from underneath me, I fell on top of the crib, breaking it. Padfoot Launched for the rat, which dodged his lunge as well. Moony tried to grab it as well. It was almost to the small hole in the wall, when suddenly,
“Petrifis Totalus!” We heard Lily said, and The rat froze, legs snapping to its side.  We looked at Lily, who Had Harry in one arm, and My wand in the other
“Its like you dont know your wizards!” She exclaimed at us, putting the wand down. The three of us exchanged a glance before Padfoot picked up the rat. We all grabbed our wands. We did the spell that forced a animagus out of its animagus form, and Peter Pettigrew appeared, still bound by the spells.
“That filthy little-” Sirius started, before being cut of by Moony’s glare

((Well. I had a request for a update. I updated. Im so Evil arent I? Dont worry I will give a true upsdate soon, tomorrow most likely. Im truly enjoying writing this, and I hope yall are liking it. Toodles! ~ Willow ))

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