What should have been

What if James and Lily lived?


6. Obliviate!

Lily gasped, and held Harry closer, and backed away. Padfoot, Moony, and I circled around Pettigrew, wands at the ready. Moony undid the charm Peter looked at us all with beady eyes.
“Hello. Friends” He said, in a much lower voice then we were used to.
“You aren’t our friend.” I spat, wand ready. At this point Lily had ran upstairs, put Harry in our room, and come back down, her wand out.

The next few seconds happened in a blur. Peter released a energy wave of a kind, knocking Padfoot, moony and I off our feet. He then transformed back into a rat, ran over to Lily, who was sending spells at him, and Transformed back, grabbing Lily’s wand, and going behind her, putting it to her throat, and a hand on her mouth. We got up, and grabbed our wands.
“Let. Her. Go.” I growled, holding my wand, Padfoot and Moony doing the same. Lily was struggling against him, but couldn't do much with the wand to her throat.
“Oh but James, why would I do that?” He taunted, backing up, dragging Lily along.
“I'm going to kill him..” Sirius muttered darkly. Peter soon reached the door.
“Let's see, what should I do to her?” He pondered
“If you touch a hair on her head!-” I began, but Peter cut me off.
“I could kill her. Yes, I could. But, that isn't the worst thing I could do.” He said, putting a bit more pressure on Lily’s neck. Her breathing was jagged.
“I swear Peter, you hurt her…” Moony spoke up.
“We will hunt you down.” Sirius threatened.
“I think I have decided!” Peter said Happily. The Boys and I advanced slowly.
“How about, I make her forget you James?” He taunted. Lily’s Eyes widened.
“Dont. You. Dare.” I snarled.
Obliviate!” He exclaimed, and Lily’s eyes glazed over.
“NO!” The three of us exclaimed,charging toward him, He dropped the spell, turning into a rat, He fled, Lily fell to the ground, Padfoot and Moony charged after him, and I went to Lily. I picked up her unconscious body, holding her in my arms on the ground.
“Lilly!” “Lils!” I said Shaking her gently. Moony and Padfoot appeared in the doorway, holding a petrified Rat. They were smiling. They stopped when they saw us. Lily’s eyes flickered open.
“Lils?” I asked
“Potter?” She responded, looking confused. “Get off me Potter.” She snapped, sitting up. I looked at her in surprize, along with Padfoot and Moony. Harry started crying, and Moony ran to get him.
“Potter what's going on?” She asked, looking confused. I gaped at her, and looked up at Sirius who looked just as shocked as I was.

((AU: So.........THAT HAPPENED..... I literally just started writing, and this was the result. I like it. In case you are wondering, Lily has been obliviated to just before James and her began dating. Also, if you haven't figured it out yet, Im sort of evil. ;)
Toodles! ~ Willow))

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