What should have been

What if James and Lily lived?


8. Let me tell you our story.

I stepped out of the fire place to find Lily glaring daggers at me.
“Ok Lills, let's go get you checked in.” I told her cheerfully.
“You are seriously committed to this.” She told me, rolling her eyes. A nurse walked over.
“How may I help you?” She asked.
“Lily here has lost her memory.” I told the nurse, and her eyes widened.
“I will be right back.” She said, and scurried off. The door flew open, and Dumbledore came in, looking mad.
“Lily! James! What happened!” He exclaimed rushing over.
“Pettigrew obliviated her. From what I estimate she only remembers some of 6th year.” I told him. Lily gave me a strange look.
“Where is Pettigrew?” Dumbledore asked.
“Sirius has him, and Remus with Harry.” I told him, and he nodded.
“I will get Lily signed in.” He told me, and went to talk to nurses.
“James?” She asked. I turned to her
“Yes?” I said
“James this isn’t a joke is it.” She said, and was looking at her wedding ring, and realizing she looked different then she remembered. I shook my head. At that time a nurse came over, and lead us to a room. The room number was 394. She sat down on the bed and I stood in a corner. A healer came in.
“Hello Lily.” He checked his clipboard. “What is the last thing you remember?” He questioned her.
“Going to bed in my dorm.” She told him. He nodded.
“What was the date?” He asked.
“January 23rd, 1972.” She said simply. That was the day before her falling out with Snivellus. I gapped. She noticed me. “What James?” She asked.
“It's just….. The next day was an important one…..” my voice trailed off, I didn't want to upset her. She gave me a questioning look.
“Mr. Potter, would you mind stepping out? I need to do a examination.” I nodded, and left the room. I sat down against the wall, running my hand through my hair, and thinking. About half an hour later, the Healer came out. I stood up.
“Will she be ok?” I asked, completely worried. The healer sighed.
“She will be ok, I believe that her memories are recoverable, not by me, but by her friends and family. When Peter cast the spell I believe that he wasn't concentrating too hard. It is like he took an eraser and erased very lightly. It can be filled in though.” He told me, and I nodded, processing it.
“Do you want to go talk to her?” He asked me, and I continued nodding, and then walked into the room. Lily was laying on the bed.
“Lils?” I asked quietly.
“Potter.” She said back. I sighed.
“You know I could call you that to.” I told her, and she glared at me.
“So it's true James? I have really been obliviated? You're my husband and that baby was ours?” She asked me, and I nodded. She sighed. “That doesn’t make sense though. Why would I fall for you?” She asked.
“Let me tell you our story Lily.” I said, pulling up a chair to have a seat. She looked at me meaningfully.

((Really sorry its short, but I have been really busy, but I still wanted to give yall a update. Toodles! ~ Willow))


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