What should have been

What if James and Lily lived?


2. Is everyone alright?


I woke up in a fuzzy white room, laying in a hospital bed. I heard the beep, beep, beep, of my heart beat. I looked around groggily, and realized my glasses were beside me. I slipped them on my face and looked around. Dumbledore walked over to my right side.

“Hello James.” He said calmly
“Where is Lily? And Harry? Are they Ok?” I asked quickly. Dumbledore nodded.
“They are both safe and sound. Lily is still recovering. Harry is with Remus.” I nodded, taking it in.
“Where is Sirius?” I asked, as I expected him to have Harry.
“He is, well, he is in Azkaban.” He said gravely
“WHAT!?!” I exclaimed sitting up, Dumbledore looked surprised “GET HIM OUT!” I roared.
“He was your secret keeper….” Dumbledore began, but I cut him off.
“HE WAS NOT YOU BLUNDERING IDIOT, IT WAS PETER, THE FILTHY SCUM!” I Yelled, and Dumbledore spoke. “We will get him out as soon as possible, and interrogate Peter. Peter is knocked out, we assumed that He tried to help you 2 and Voldemort dealt with him.”
“SIRIUS DEALT WITH HIM.” I exclaimed, getting angry. “NOW GO GET HIM OUT. NOW.” I screeched, and Dumbledore rushed off.


I sat staring at a wall. This couldn't be happening. James and Lily will get me out, I know they will. They can't be dead…… they just can't be………. What will happen to baby Harry? It's been 4 days since I have been in here. It's my birthday.
“Happy birthday to me…. Happy birthday to me……. Happy birthday dear Sirius……” I sung to myself quietly. Tears streamed down my face. My song was interrupted by Dumbledore himself at my cell door.
“Ready to go home Mr. Black?” He asked calmly. I stood up.
“More then.” I said. Dumbledore opened my cell and I came out happily. I followed Dumbledore without another word, soon we had gotten far away from azkaban.

I stared at the child of 2 of my best friends. Harry Potter. He was asleep, cuddled against a black dog stuffed animal. He had 3 other stuffed animals in his crib, a stag, a rat, and a large wolf.  I was tempted to take away the black dog. The traitor. The one that almost killed James and Lily. But I didn't. I couldn't. I turned to see a silver Stag Protrunous standing in my living room.
“James…” I whispered, and then it spoke.
“REMUS. SIRIUS IS INNOCENT, ITS PETER THATS THE FILTHY TRAITOR. JUST THOUGHT YOU OUGHT TO KNOW. Take good care of Harry, and cut off that rat stuffed animals head for me. -James.”
I gasped. I knew this was the truth. It made more sense. Padfoot would never. And James is ok. I walked back over to Harry’s crib, and picked up the rat. I threw it in the trash. That's what Peter is. Trash.

((AN: What do you guys think so far? I'm really enjoying writing it, so please leave me a like, and comment down below. Thanks!
Toodles! ~ Willow))

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