What should have been

What if James and Lily lived?


4. I did.....

“WHAT?” Sirius and I roared, and Lily gasped.
“He was being held in Azkaban, until his trial tomorrow, and He was brought his food, but He was gone. Completely. No sign of escape. Just vanished.” Dumbledore said
“The little rat!” Sirius exclaimed, and I sent him a panicked look. He shut his mouth.
“Is there something you would like to say Mr. Black?” Dumbledore said, looking at us gravely. We shared a scared glance. “NOTHING.” We exclaimed together.
“Is there something you need to tell me?” Dumbledore asked. We thought.  WE didn't know what to do.
“They three of them are animaguses. Peter, James, and Sirius. Peter is a rat. He probably escaped through a crack.” Lily said. Sirius and I gaped at her. We looked at eachother, back at her, then at Dumbledore, then back at Lily. Lily shrugged.
“Someone had to tell him.” She said plainly, and Sirius and I were mentally freaking out.
“Good to know. May I ask how?” He said to Sirius and I, and we were realizing our cover was blown.

“We started working towards it in second year, to help Moony with his transformations….” Sirius said, looking at his feet
“I was a stag, Padfoot a wolf, and Peter a rat.” I said, staring at my feet as well.
“I suggest that you register as soon as possible, as this information is necessary to help us find Pettegrew.” Dumbledore said, and we nodded, and he left the room.
“LILY!” We exclaimed together. She shrugged.
“It was important.” She said, and we gaped at her.
We stayed at the hospital for the next few day, being visited by friends. Hagrid came and visited, along with Kingsley, and the Longbottoms, with their new son, along with other friends from the order. Snivellus came and visited Lily briefly, or so I heard. We were released soon after that. Lily, Padfoot, miny prongs, and I were going to stay at Moony’s till things got figured out.
I walked into the door, to get a hug from Moony. He hugged, and greeted us all as we came in.
We went into his Living room where Harry was sitting in his crib, playing with his stuffed stag. Lily and I walked over But we stepped back and gasped upon seeing the lighting bolt scar on his forehead. Lily picked him up and turned to Moony and Padfoot.

“What happened to his face!” I exclaimed, holding him tight.
“He has had it since the incident. We believe that it's the Mark of the dark Magic Voldemort attempted to cast upon him, that rebounded upon himself.” Remus explained. James and I looked at eachother, gaping.

We hung out and talked for the next hour or so, and then I stood up to put Harry in his crib, I noticed the Rat stuffed Animal near the Wolf.
“Moony! I thought I told you to get rid of that rat Stuffed Animal!” I told him, beginning to lay Harry down. I froze when I heard Moony’s reply, Harry hovering over the crib in my hands.
“I did…..”

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