late nights

late night thoughts and such. never edited. any unfinished sentence or paragraph is an abandoned thought.


1. 9/1


i wish i knew how to talk to you. i wish i knew how you feel. hell, i wish i  knew how i  feel. my brain shuts off completely when i  see you. when i imagine myself completely wrapped up in your arms and feeling your love radiate off you onto me, my brain shuts down. 

im deep. im a mess. im torn apart, into little bitty pieces. but you, fucking you, you bring the glue and put together my pieces and even though im not good as new, im a different new and i want you to make me new everyday.

inside me. so many things inside me. a liver, lungs, bones, blood, muscles but the one thing i need inside me most, is you. 

but why, why oh why do i  stutter and lose my train of thought and why do i get sweaty and nervous and why do my lips dry out and why why do i go mute, when you glance at me from across the room? 

i just wanna take off my clothes for you. i  just want to strip down and keep eye contact with you as i  slide my lace panties down my thigh. i  just want to entice you. i  just want to put on a show for you. and i  just want you to fuck me. 

"i won't be able to give you want you need," you said. "he can do much better for you," you muttered. "its best if you just forget me and go away," you growled "i  don't want you! get that through your thick skull," you shouted. but you couldn't me whispering that i wanted nothing but you. that i  don't want a cliché life, a life like everyone else, i  want a life with you, flaws in all. i  want you, flaws and all. so please, don't push me away

when there's no light out is the only time you want me. you text and i  come running and you finger every last problem out of me, all the stress out of me, you taste it, such a sweet taste you mumbled, such a feeling. again and again you suck out my stress and then your inside me an 


(an unfinished sentence or paragraph is an
abandoned thought)

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