Smoke//Calum Hood

That one person who counts is never there, then you meet him. He saves you. But you didn't save him


2. Two

And it's the road that leads to nowhere and all I wanna do is go there

Part One


There were arms around you. They didn't ever weaken, but they were gentle. You can't help but try to awaken, but it just won't budge. Whatever is happening is keeping you from saying anything. It's hurting the girl trapped inside of this shell that is the flesh. Your brain wants to say "Why did you save me?" But all you can do is just lay there.

That's when you hear him say, "I know about you, your the girl with the bad past, I can give you a good future. Just wake up. Please Y/N I love you." On the inside you're crying loudly. But on the outside you're still that limp body.

You don't understand how much he loves you, but you still want to wake up.

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