Not exactly Sherlock Holmes

You wanted the great Sherlock Holmes?
Well tough.
You got me.


2. 2

September 4th 2016

I hate Sundays.

Just knowing that tomorrow you have to go back to school. It's not that school is bad per-say.

But... Yeah. My school is.

My school is for 'special kids' as mother would say.

Hm... I would say 'I wonder why I'm here' but I already know.

I have what you could call 'behavioural issues'.

Things such as:

1. Hating the colour brown.

2. Refusing to eat or drink anything for a long time.

3. Not speaking to anyone for a long time. (I once went 6 weeks without speaking to anyone)

4. Not liking being touched.

5. Screaming and smashing things when angry or confused.

6. Refusing to eat my food if the different coloured foods are touching.

7. Not really liking people in all.

8. Driving mothers car into a tree. (This was an accident.)

Mother says I can't help it and I know I can't. But whenever something happens that I can't handle, I hit the closest person, some are used to this.

Others... Not so much.

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