The Darkest Part Of Me

Esmeralda went through life believing all was normal but will Aiden showing up and prove what she believed was normal is in fact not?

~So you're always honest," I said.
"Aren't you?"
"No," I told him. "I'm not."
"Well, that's good to know, I guess."
"I'm not saying I'm a liar," I told him. He raised his eyebrows. "That's not how I meant it, anyways."
"How'd you mean it, then?"
"I just...I don't always say what I feel."
"Why not?"
"Because the truth sometimes hurts," I said.
"Yeah," he said. "So do lies, though.



 Esmerelda Durand suspected something was a little off when she had been kidnapped from the front yard of the new orphanage that would watch over her when she was just 8 years old, Nothing can begin to describe the horrifying pain, and torture she had gone through before Desmond Batters, a local police officer found her in critical condition at an abandoned factory that was located at the edge of New Orleans. Her long pitch black curly hair was plastered to her sweat drenched forehead and had been what looked like carelessly chopped off, her skin looked pale and lifeless in the pitch dark room with only the moonlight shining in through what little windows the building had. You could tell she was lacking the nutrition her young body needed. The kidnapper must have suspected no one would look here since the building had been abandoned for many years,Well the kidnapper was right no one would of thought of checking there until Desmond had gotten an anonymous tip from a man who said he saw a suspicious looking car speeding away from the building. Desmond had grown attached to Esmeralda and her case after he rescued her, He would visit her every day at the hospital while she was recovering,  he said he was only visiting her to protect her since the kidnapper hadn't been caught, but everyone knew he had grown to care about Esmerelda. After Esmerelda got better and started getting closer to Desmond and the rest of the task force he  decided to adopt her so he could give her a good life and love and care for her, Esmeralda was thrilled to call him dad and was always with him even when he went to work, The other officers didn't mind when she came they found her company refreshing and delightful. As she got older the police force became her family and she thought of Desmond as her real dad, even though they weren't blood-related. She had a normal life ever since that horrible event, Well until she bumped into the devilishly rude and mysterious Adrian Bainbridge.

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